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Jevaansh Vridhi (JV)-Growth Promoter

Jevaansh Vridhi (JV)-Growth Promoter

Application : Foliar
Packing: Liquid 1 ltr/500ml/250ml net Content

This product is a blend of many natural plant hormones, enzymes found in desi cow dung and urine in traces. It also contains other essential components like macro, micro nutrient, humic acid, fulvic acid and amino acid. The product can be applied to crop before the stage of flowering and there after in a gap of at least 25 day. This product can be applied anytime to release the plant from stress conditions.

The product improves growth, yield, photosynthesis, protein synthesis, uptake of water and nutrients, nitrogen-fixation, enzymes activities and contents of free amino acids, reducing sugars, soluble protein, and active constituents of essential oil in various crops. It promotes the absorption of minerals and assimilate transport, increase dry matter accumulation, improves crop quality, increase setting rate, increase production.

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