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Miracles of Gaumata and Benefits of Desi Ghee
Today's youth is ignorant of the knowledge and usefulness told by our sages, but even today big scientists search for t Read More
Embrance Wellness with Gaumutra’s Essence
Gaumutra: The Nectar for Health and TreatmentCow i.e. mother cow is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Cow is also wor Read More
Support Us To Promote Gauseva
Gauseva: The Foundation of a Flourishing Society and Happy FamiliesMother cow has been called the ladder to heaven, and Read More
Protect Cows Protect India
Shree Krishnayan Gaurakshashala: A Sanctuary for Desi Cows and Vedic CultureShree Krishnayan Gaurakshashala is a cow s Read More
Experience the Joy of Giving and Feel virtuous  by contributing to Annadan or Bhandara
In Hindu religion, charity is considered a virtuous act. From ancient times, kings and emperors used to distribute food Read More
Online Yagya Service
Bring immense joy, fortune and well-being in your life with Online YagyaIn Indian culture, Yajna i.e. Havan is a magnif Read More
Transforming Waste into Wealth Bio Fertilizer Unit
Bio & Organic fertilizer Unit of Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaurakshashala A Game Changer for Organic Farming in India&n Read More
The Eternal bond of Cow and Hinduism
The cow is not just an animal for the people of India. It is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, nourishment and sacredness. Read More
How Your Donations Can Help Gaushalas Provide Food, Shelter and Medics to Our Desi Cows
The cow is considered sacred in Hinduism and is an integral part of the Indian culture and tradition. However, in recent Read More
Cow And Ayurveda
Desi Cows: The Holy Grail of Ayurvedic MedicineAyurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, has been practiced for Read More
A Beacon of Hope for Injured and Ailing Cows
Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaurakshashala: A Beacon of Hope for Injured and Ailing CowsIn India, cows are considered sacred an Read More
Support, Care, and Love for Mother Cows
Shri Krishnayan Gaushala : Support, Care, and Love for Mother Cows The Desi Cow, also known as Gaumata, has been an i Read More
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