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Jevaansh Khad(JK) - Bio Enriched Organic Manure

Jevaansh Khad(JK)- Bio Enriched Organic Manure

Application: Soil
Packing : Non Granule 40kgs /10kgs / 5Kg

Bio Enriched Organic Manure is prepared using desi cow dung and urine. Cow dung and urine are considered best carrier of microbes. When added to soil this particular Farm Yard Manure (FYM) naturally provides nitrogen, phosphate, potash and other micronutrient to the plant. This FYM is also rich in humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acid and carbon content. It also helps in easy absorption of nutrients to plants, increasing the water holding capacity of soil and supports the growth of agriculture friendly microbes and earthworms.

  • For Field Crop: Apply 1-5 quintal per acre.
  • For Gardening: Apply 5-15 kg per tree.
  • For Nursery: Apply 100-200 gm per plant.
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