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Jevaansh Taral Khad (JTK) - Bio Stimulant and Bio Power

Jevaansh Taral Khad (JTK) - Bio Stimulant and Bio Power

Application : Soil
Packing : Non Granule 5 Liter

JKT –Bio Enriched Liquid Soil Conditioner is a wonderful blend of soil amendments and nutrient like humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acid and macro and micro Nutrients. The product can be easily applied by way of drip, flood or drenching irrigation or broadcasting with manure/soil.

The product also neutralizes the pH of the soil and also increases the water holding capacity. It enhances uptake of N, P, K available in air and soil. It provides micro nutrients like Fe, Zn, Cu, B, Mo and also enhances its uptake available in soil. It improves plant root growth and the immune system of the plants. The synergy effect is better plant health and balance growth with higher quality yield.

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