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Our Activities

Our Activities

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As on date 21,000+ stray/ destitute Desi Indian Cows / bulls and her progenies are being sheltered in our Gaurakshashala which are brought through various channels such as Police, Government, NGOs, Farmers etc. We give these gauvansh a second life. We shelter, feed and take care of them completely. We have in-house medical facility for them.

Our dedicated team ensures their well-being by providing shelter, nutritious food, and round-the-clock care. Moreover, we have a fully equipped medical facility on-site to address any health concerns they may have. Together, we strive to give these magnificent creatures a joyful second chance at life.


We have very big adequate facility to provide good shelters to these rescued gauvansh. We continue building cow sheds as the number of cows being protected are increasing day by day.

Ensuring proper shelter for the rescued gauvansh is a top priority for us. We have constructed spacious and ample shelters with large shades to accommodate the growing number of protected cows. We are dedicated to continually building new cow sheds to meet the demands and provide a comfortable living environment for these precious Guavansh. Our aim is to create a holy and safe space where they can find solace and live their lives with dignity and care.

Cow Shelter
Krishnayan Dry Fodder Storage

Dry Fodder Storage

We have huge dry fodder (Husk) storage for storing approx. 40 lakh kg of dry husk. We have to mandatorily store as it is the main ingredient of cow food. We require at least 90 lakh kg of dry fodder (Husk) annually.

In our endeavor to provide the best care for the gauvansh, we also focus on quality control and timely replenishment of the dry fodder. Our dedicated team regularly inspects and maintains the storage facility to ensure the stored husk remains fresh and free from contamination. By efficiently managing our dry fodder storage and procurement, we can continue to give the holy cows the nourishment they deserve, through fostering their health and well-being.

Nourishment / Fodder

We feed these with a mixture of dry fodder, green fodder, Grains, mustard cake, Gud / Jaggery etc.

Nourishing the gauvansh is of utmost importance to us. We follow a carefully crafted feeding regimen, providing them with a balanced diet twice a day. This diet ensures that the gauvansh receive the essential nutrients for their overall well-being. Our team diligently prepares and serves these meals, taking into account the specific dietary needs of each cow. By offering a diverse and wholesome diet, we aim to keep these holy cows healthy, strong, and thriving in our care.

Cow Fodder
Krishnayan Gauraksha Medical Facility

Medical Facility

We have doctors available 24/7, providing comprehensive in-house medical facilities. We maintain ample stocks of necessary medicine and vaccinations. Our services extend to both essential medical assistance and support for accidental cows. We also have experienced doctors on standby for any medical emergencies.

We maintain an ample supply of necessary medicines and vaccinations to address various health conditions and prevent diseases. Whether providing routine medical care or attending to injured or sick cows, we are committed to offering prompt and effective medical help to ensure the best possible outcomes for our beloved gauvansh.

Free Milk Distribution

Small quantity of Milk produces in our gaushala is freely distributed to saints, gausewaks, ashrams and in charitable hospitals in Haridwar/Rishikesh. We do not engage in the commercial sale of milk or milk products. By offering this free distribution, we aim to support the well-being and nutritional needs of individuals and organizations dedicated to spiritual pursuits, animal welfare, and charitable endeavors. It is our humble contribution to foster a spirit of sharing and compassion within our community.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Free Milk Distribution
krishnayan Destitute Gauvansh Protection Drive

Protection Drive

We continuously run protection drive where we bring all stray/ destitute desi mother cows & bulls to our gaushala. We take care of these destitute gauvansh. We started with 11 cows in the year 2011 and today we are sheltering and protecting over 20000 desi gauvansh.

Through this initiative, we proactively locate helpless gauvansh, be it abandoned, injured, or in distress, and bring them to our gaushala. Here, they can experience safety and compassion. This protection drive is a testament to our unwavering dedication to the welfare of indigenous gauvansh. It reflects our shared vision of creating a society where the protection and well-being of gauvansh is paramount.


Research work is under process to produce more Quality Breeding for development of Quality Nandi?s and High Milk Yielding Cows which is beneficial for the society so that the farmers start keeping these indigenous cows.

Through our breeding programs, we strive to enhance the genetic traits of indigenous cows, such as disease resistance, adaptability to local conditions, and higher milk production. By selectively breeding cows and bulls with desirable traits, we aim to create a sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystem where farmers are encouraged to keep these indigenous cows. Through continued research and the implementation of effective breeding strategies, we are dedicated to realizing this vision and creating a positive change for the benefit of society as a whole.

Krishnayan Quality Breeding Meeting
Krishnayan Vocational Training Programs


Vocational training programs are being conducted on the Importance of desi Cows & Bulls. Vocational training is provided to manufacture products like dhoop, phenyl, cosmetic item etc. We also give training to the farmers to promote Organic Farming in India.

Through our vocational training initiatives, we educate farmers on the significance of desi mother cows and bulls in preserving our cultural heritage and the benefits they bring to organic farming systems. With the help of these training programs, we strive to create a network of knowledgeable and skilled farmers who can champion the cause of desi mother cows, organic farming, and sustainable agriculture in India.

Cultivation of Green Fodder

We cultivate various types of green fodder for our beloved gaumata. This ensures a consistent supply of fodder, addressing the scarcity in the market. Our efforts aim to provide the nourishment needed for the well-being of these gauvansh.

By cultivating green fodder, we can provide a steady and reliable source of nourishment for the cows in our gaushala. This initiative helps us overcome the challenges of fluctuating fodder availability and ensures that our gaumata receives a balanced and wholesome diet. We carefully select and grow different types of fodder crops and other nutrient-rich plants. This diversity in green fodder not only caters to the specific dietary needs of the gauvansh but also enhances their overall health and well-being.

Cultivation of Green Fodder
Krishnayan Bull of Farming And Breeding

Distribution of Bulls on Returnable Basis to farmers

1- Bull for farming - Providing bulls to farmers for agricultural purposes.

2- Bull for breeding- Distributing bulls to farmers for breeding purposes on a returnable basis.

Our Gaushala implements a unique program of distributing bulls on a returnable basis to farmers. We provide high-quality bulls for farming and breeding purposes, supporting traditional agricultural practices and the preservation of indigenous cow breeds. This initiative empowers farmers and strengthens their connection to these magnificent animals while promoting sustainable farming practices.

Generation of Electricity

Gaurakshashala does not have an electricity line; instead, renewable energy is being promoted through Gobar Gas Plants, which are installed along with a biogas generator to power the Gaushala and also used for cooking purposes. Solar water pumps are being used for both gaushala and agricultural needs.

Various Solar Street Lights are installed to light the gaushala

200 KVA solar power genset is installed in gaushala to meet the power requirements

Through the adoption of renewable energy technologies, we aim to minimize our carbon footprint and promote environmentally friendly practices. These initiatives not only contribute to the sustainability of the gaushala but also serve as a model for others to adopt renewable energy solutions in their own endeavors.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Electricity Generation Facility
Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Gaurakshashala promotes grains, vegetables, and green fodder for the well-being of cows and the community. Additionally, the initiative supports organic farming by encouraging pesticide-free crops, eco-friendly practices, and the use of organic fertilizers. This holistic approach aims to sustainably nurture both the environment and the welfare of the cows, benefiting the broader community. Farmers are given training and guidance for the same. Mission is to convert all the surrounding villages BIO CNG plant in to organic Land. Farmers are trained to use organic farming so that they get a premium price for their crops and the society benefits from ‘Chemical Free Food?.

This holistic approach to organic farming not only benefits farmers but also ensures overall well-being.

BIO CNG plant powered by ONGC

We daily convert 25000 kg of cow dung to CNG gas and manure.

Our BIO CNG plant, powered by ONGC, plays a crucial role in our commitment to sustainability and resource utilization. This innovative process not only helps in the production of clean and renewable energy but also contributes to the creation of organic fertilizers that enhances soil fertility and promote ecological balance. By harnessing the potential of cow dung, we maximize its value and minimize waste, creating a sustainable and efficient cycle of resource utilization in our gaushala.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Bio CNG Plant
Krishnayan Gauraksha Bio and Organic Fertilizer Unit

Bio and Organic fertilizer Unit

Here we manufacture organic manure from gobar and slurry of our gaushalas has a Bio Fertilizer Unit (Microbial based). We provide these products to all at a minimal cost to promote organic farming in India. We have a mission to minimize the use of chemical pesticides as it is one of the the main reason for unhealthy life and fatal diseases. It will also result in wider acceptance of indigenous cows.

Through our Bio and Organic Fertilizer Unit, we aim to foster a shift towards organic farming practices, promote environmental sustainability, and enhance the overall wellbeing of farmers and consumers alike.


We consistently offer support and assistance to those affected by calamities. We are/were there for-

MP Flood- In MP flood in the year 2021 we provided relief to the people by providing food and shelter to the thousands of affected people

Uttrakhand Flood- In the disastrous flood of Uttrakhand in the year 2013, we ran camps for month and provided relief, food and other lifesaving drugs to thousands of people affected by the calamity.

Our commitment to helping people in times of calamity extends beyond the boundaries of our gaushala. We aim to provide solace, support, and resources to affected communities, demonstrating our solidarity and commitment to serving humanity in times of crisis.

Krishnayan Food Distribution

Food Distribution

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our gaushala distributed food to thousands of affected families, sent food supplies to remote regions, and ran food camps during the lockdown.

Apart from the calamity, We regularly send truckloads of supplies to remote locations such as Badrinath, Gangotri etc and runs multiple camps to provide meals to those in need, during the challenging times.


Our Bhandara for saints and other people runs throughout the year. We regularly send vehicle load of vegetables, grains and other required items for saints / tapaswis living in the hilly region like Badrinath, Gangotri etc.

With each delivery, we aspire to uplift their spirits, nourish their bodies, and cultivate a sense of unity and care within the spiritual community. We consider it our duty to support and serve the spiritual community by providing them with food and fostering a sense of care and solidarity.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Bhandara
Krishnayan Yagya & cultural events

Yagya & cultural events

At our gaushala, we are blessed with a magnificent yagya mandap situated on the serene banks of Ma Ganga. Accomplished Vedic Brahmins conduct various sacred rituals, including Yagyas, Pujas, and Japas, with utmost precision and devotion. These spiritual endeavors are undertaken for the well-being and welfare of the people, creating an atmosphere of divine grace and positive energy.

The yagya mandap serves as a sacred sanctuary where ancient Vedic traditions are upheld, fostering a deep connection with spirituality and offering a platform for cultural events that celebrate the rich heritage of our land.


- Presently, we provide medical facility through our hospital D S Global Heart Care at a very minimal cost or free to needy in Uttrakhand.

We take immense pride in offering medical services through our dedicated hospital. Our primary focus is to ensure accessible healthcare for all, especially those in need. By extending our healthcare facilities, we aim to contribute to the well-being and welfare of the community, ensuring that medical support is readily available to those who need it the most.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Medical Facility
Krishnayan Gauraksha Yoga Center

Yoga Centre

Yoga, Meditation and Natural and Ayurvedic treatment through Jhanvi Yoga Dhyan Sevashram Trust in Haridwar

This center provides a serene and conducive environment for individuals to embark on their inner journey of self-discovery and holistic healing. Our collaboration with the trust ensures that individuals have access to expert guidance, personalized yoga sessions, and Ayurvedic therapies that promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Shree Krishnayan Gaushala
Shree Krishnayan Gaushala