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As on date 18000+ stray/ destitute Desi Indian Cows / bulls and her progenies are being sheltered in our Gaurakshashalas which are being brought by the Police, Government, NGOs, Farmers or various other machineries. Most of these are accidental or saved/rescued from various locations. We give these gauvansh a happy second life. We shelter, feed and take care of them completely. We have in house medical facility for them.

Cow Shelter


We have very big adequate shades in huge numbers to provide good shelters to these saved gauvansh. We continu e building cow sheds as the number of cows protected is ever increasing

Krishnayan Dry Fodder Storage

Dry Fodder Storage

We have huge dry fodder (Husk) storage house for storing approx. 40 lakh kg of dry husk. As the price of husk is low in the month of April to June as compared to the other months and is also available in abundance. We have to mandatorily store as it is the main ingredient of cow food. We require at least 90 lakh kg of dry fodder (Husk) annually

Cow Fodder

Nourishment / Fodder

We feed these gauvansh two times a day with a mixture of dry fodder, green fodder, Grains, mustard cake, Gud / Jaggery etc.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Medical Facility

Medical Facility

Doctors are available round the clock

Complete in house facility is available

All necessary medicines along with vaccination drugs are kept in adequate quantity

Medical Help: We provide & give both medical help for needy & accidental cows. We have professional doctors for medical emergency.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Free Milk Distribution

Free Milk Distribution

Small quantity of Milk produced in our gaushala is freely distributed to saints, gausewaks and ashram, charitable hospitals in Haridwar/ Rishikesh. We don’t sell milk or milk products.

krishnayan Destitute Gauvansh Protection Drive

Protection Drive:

We continuously run protection drive where we bring all stray/ destitute desi mother cows & bulls to our gaushala. We take care of these destitute gauvansh. We started with 11 cows in the year 2011 and today we are sheltering and protecting over 18000+ indigenous gauvansh.

Krishnayan Quality Breeding Meeting


Research work is being planned to produce more Quality Breeding for development of Quality Nandi’s and High Milk Yielding Cows which is beneficial for the society so that the farmers start keeping these indigenous cows.

Krishnayan Vocational Training Programs


Vocational training programs are being conducted on Importance of desi mother Cows & Bulls, Organic Framings

Vocational training to manufacture products like dhoop, phenyl, cosmetic item etc.

We give training to the farmers to promote Organic Farming in India.

Cultivation of Green Fodder

Cultivation of Green Fodder

Green fodder of different types is being cultivated for gaumata. This is done so that regular fodder supply is available as there is dearth of it in the market.

Krishnayan Bull of Farming And Breeding

Distribution of Bulls on Returnable Basis to farmers-

Bull for farming

Bull for breeding

Krishnayan Gauraksha Electricity Generation Facility

Generation of Electricity-

Gaurakshashala does not have electricity line, renewable energy is being promoted via

Gobar Gas Plants are installed along with Bio gas generator to power the Gaushala and for cooking purpose.

Solar water pumps- are being used for both gaushala and agriculture need.

Various Solar Street Lights are installed to light the gaushala

200 KVA solar power genset is installed in gaushala to meet the power requirements

Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Grains, Vegetables, Green Fodder etc are being promoted for social welfare. Farmers are given training and guidance for the same. Mission to convert the all the surrounded villages near to BIO CNG plant in to organic Land. Farmers are trained to used organic farming so that they get a premium price for their crops and the society benefits from ‘Chemical Free Food’.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Bio CNG Plant

BIO CNG plant powered by ONGC-

We daily convert 25000 kg of cow dung to CNG gas and manure.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Bio and Organic Fertilizer Unit

Bio and Organic fertilizer Unit

Here we manufacture organic manure from gobar and slurry of our gaushalas which is having a Bio fertilizer Unit (Microbial based). We provide these products at a minimal cost to promote organic farming in India. We have a mission to minimize the use of chemical pesticides as it is the main cause for unhealthy life and fatal diseases. It will also result in wider acceptance of indigenous cows



Our support and help for people stuck in calamity is always there. We are/were there for

MP Flood- In MP flood in the year 2021 we provided relief to the people by providing food and shelter to the thousands of affected people

Uttrakhand Flood- In the disastrous flood of Uttrakhand in the year 2013, we ran camps for month and provided relief, food and other lifesaving drugs to thousands of people affected by the calamity.

Krishnayan Food Distribution

Food Distribution-

We are proving foods to thousands of families affected due to Covid. We have even sent truck full of material to the hilly reason. During lockdown. We ran many camps to provide food to the needy.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Bhandara


Our Bhandara for saints and other people runs throughout the year. We regularly send vehicle load of vegetables, grains and other required items for saints / tapaswis living in the hilly region like Badrinath, Gangotri etc.

Krishnayan Yagya & cultural events

Yagya & cultural events:

We have a huge yagya mandap on the bank of Ma Ganga. Vedic Brahmins perform all kinds of Yagyas , Pujas and Japas for the welfare of the people

Krishnayan Gauraksha Medical Facility


- Presently, we provide medical facility through our hospital D S Global Heart Care at a very minimal cost or free to needy in Uttrakhand.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Yoga Center

Yoga Centre

Yoga, Meditation and Natural and Ayurvedic treatment through Jhanvi Yoga Dhyan Sevashram Trust in Haridwar

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