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Benefits of Cow

Benefits of Cow

Difference between Desi & Exotic Foreign Breed Cows

Difference Desi Cows Foreign cows
Desi Cows Foreign cows
Outer Look and Sound It has a hump on its back. Its neck is hanging & feathery. It only says OM and Amba, which are names of the God It has a flat back without hump and neither it is hanging & feathery. It has a bitter sound. Looks like cow but is not a cow
Milk Its milk is healthy and is categorised under A2 Its milk comes under the category A1 which is very unhealthy and poisonous and roots to thousands of diseases like cancer etc
Gobar & Gaumutra Gobar & Gaumutra has variety of uses and has exceptional medical properties. Gobar & Gaumutra is like the excreta of other animals. It is poisonous.
Emotions If the calf of the native Indian cow dies then it stops giving milk and also don’t eat or drink. It is full of emotions. So who so ever drinks her milk will be loyal, dutiful and respectful towards their elders, parents and teachers. Even If the calf of the foreign cow dies, it keeps on giving milk and is unaffected by it. It is emotionless and has hardly any feelings. So who so ever drinks her milk will become emotionless. Those people who drink foreign cow’s milk will not respect their elders, parents and teachers.

One of the names of Lord Krishna is Gopal (One who take cares of cows) and Govind. He has shown us that by serving Gaumata, we can achieve health, wealth & Prosperity along with Eternal Bliss. A Few Benefits of Desi Cow :

Cow's Milk


Cow milk is complete food for all. It reduces acidity, increases immunity and sharpens the brain. Cow milk is of A2 type and is a main ingedient for many ayurvedic medicines. It helps in fighting diabetes. Many more products like curd, buttermilk, butter & clear butter (Ghee) are made from cow milk. These products have high medicinal & nutritional values.

Cow Urine / Gaumutra

Cow Urine (Go Mutra)

It is said that Maa Ganga resides is Gaumutra and is considered auspicious. It is used to produce organic & natural fertilizers, insect repellents and other products in farming. It is considered as a super medicine and has high medicinal value which cures thousands of diseases and. It has anti-cancerous properties.

Cow's Dung

Cow Dung (Go May)

Our Scriptures Say That Maa Lakshmi- Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity dwells in Cow Dung. Cow dung increases fertility and productivity of soil. It’s compost is a natural fertilizer and many other organic fertilizers are made from it. Cow dung can convert barren lands into fertile that is why it is like a mother for all Vegetation. Cow dung has great medical properties like it can cure a half damaged liver completely.

Cow Five Products

Panchagavya (5 Cow Products)

It is made from Milk, curd, Ghee, gomutra, Cow dung. These ingredients when mixed in a proper ratio becomes Panchgavya which has great medical benefits and can address a lot of medical problems. It can cure many chronic ailments and are the only alternatives to modern medical sciences. It also purifies human being.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Farming


Organic fertilisers made from Gobar and Gaumutra are very much helpful to farmers. In today’s world we are using chemical fertilizers which is a source to lot many diseases like cancer etc. Our body immunity has become very- very weak due to consumption of inorganic food. A strong nation is built with the food it eats. The only way possible for these farmers to produce poison free food is to lead cow based organic way of life.

Krishnayan Gauraksha Evnvironment


Cow is the only animal in the world which breathes in oxygen and exhale out oxygen. That’s why it’s a heavenly divine creature. Cow dung and gaumutra purifies the soil and thus completely balances the environment.

Benefits in the heavenly world

Benefits in the heavenly world

No yagya can be done or will be complete without milk or milk products of a desi cow. Desi Cow Ghee is the prime ingredient in a Yagya which is scarce nowadays. 33 crore deities reside in it and serving it makes all the deities happy. Yagya done with the milk of other animals does not bear fruit.

Cow's Cuddling

Cows cuddling

Practices like touching the cow-mother, hugging, caressing the body of the cow mother, and to breathe with it. Cow cuddling cures respiratory diseases, blood pressure, spinal pain, heart problem, depression, relieves sadness, anxiety and all kinds of tensions of the cuddler. Lord Krishna used to cuddle cows.

Shree Krishnayan Gaushala
Shree Krishnayan Gaushala