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Home Gardening Growing kit

Home Gardening Growing kit

Home Gardening Growing kit

Packing Size: 20-25 plants

KIT Contents:

  • Enriched Organic Fertiliser – Total 2 kg (Extra Enriched with Neem cake and Minerals )
  • Bio Fertilizers Consortium– 100 ml (NFB, PSB, KMB, VAM)
  • Growth Promoter - 50 ml
  • Organic Liquid for Fungus and Pest Control - 50 ml
  • A Brief Guide for Beginners (Step by Step Gardening Instructions) and Product User Manual (Easy and Simple, so that anyone can grow vegetables at home)

Quantity adequate for 20-25 plants for one month.
Approx. growing cost Rs.0.50 paise per plant/day.
Vegetables grown quantity will adequate to feed family of 4-6 members.

Shree Krishnayan Gaushala
Shree Krishnayan Gaushala