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Why Cow is Mother of Hindu?

Uploaded on 18 Jan 2023

In our Hindu culture, cow is not only considered as an animal but also as a deity. People who are not aware of our Vedic period often raise the question that Why Cow is considered as mother? So let us try to understand in today's blog that Why Hindu worship cow as mother?

In fact, in Indian society, the cow has been called Gau Mata i.e. 'Gavo Vishwasya Matar'. According to the scriptures, when Lord Brahma created the universe, he first sent the cow to the earth. Cow is the only animal among all animals that utters the word mother, so it is believed that the word mother has also originated from the cow dynasty. Cow nourishes us all with her milk like a mother.

Along with this it represents Mother Earth, as it is a source of goodness and its milk nourishes all creatures. Krishna, a central Hindu deity, is often portrayed in stories recounting his life as a cowherd and referring to him as the child who protects cows.


Why Cow is called GauMata

Famine was a common thing in every culture and society. In our culture, there was a belief in the villages that if you have a cow in your house, your children will survive even in the event of famine.

Obviously, in such a situation the cow became like a mother. When our mother could not breastfeed us and we did not get other food, then the cow was like a mother to us. Every one of us at some point or the other has depended on cow's milk for food and nutrition. That's why cow's milk became very sacred, because it nourishes life.

There is a religious belief that by worshiping cow one gets desired results. Having a cow in the house is considered very auspicious for the prosperity of the house. It is said that along with studies, students should also serve the cow. This accelerates their mental development. Feeding a cow and serving it is considered better for getting children and money.

Why Cow is called Mother?

We believe that the cow gives us permission to take whatever milk is left after feeding her child. But whether he allows us or not, we take his milk because we are nourished by that milk. Cow is the second mother for us. That is why cow is considered sacred in our culture.

According to Ayurveda, cow's milk is the most beneficial for the child after mother's milk. that is why cow is called mother. The second reason is that the cow has many human-like emotions. Cow is such an animal, which understands your pain and suffering. Suppose you are in trouble, the cow feels your trouble and sheds tears for your distress.


Why cow is important in Hinduism?

By serving the cow selflessly one attains salvation and the conscience becomes pure. Lord Shri Krishna also grazed cows, from which he got the name 'Gopal'. In ancient times sages used to keep cows with them while living in the forest. By consuming cow's milk and ghee, his intelligence used to be extraordinary. One name of cow's ghee is 'Ayu'. Mother cow has always been considered very sacred and worshipable in our Hindu religion, out of all religions, only in Sanatan Dharma, cow is given the status of mother, cow has given us many things which are very sacred, recognition It is believed that 33 crore Gods and Goddesses reside in mother cow.

According to the scholars and scriptures, there are some animals and birds which are at the last stage of their soul's journey of development, among them mother cow is also one of them, after that that soul enters the human form, every human being should serve the cow because by serving cow, we get freedom from all the troubles and difficulties of life, these are some of the qualities of mother cow which make her worshipable.
Hope you have got a satisfactory answer to why cow is mother of Hindu.

Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaurakshashala

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This Gaushala started in the year 2010 with just 11 cows in Haridwar, and currently more than 2000 cows and bulls are given shelter together at different locations. This number is increasing continuously. 

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