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Protect Cows Protect India

Uploaded on 20 May 2023
Protect Cows Protect India

Shree Krishnayan Gaurakshashala:
A Sanctuary for Desi Cows and Vedic Culture

Shree Krishnayan Gaurakshashala is a cow shelter that is dedicated to the service and protection of desi cows and Gauvansh. Located on the bank of the holy Ganga river in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, this gaushala shelters and feeds more than 18000 desi cows, most of which are abandoned by their owners or rescued from slaughterhouses. The gaushala is run and managed by saints who do not sell milk or milk products, but distribute them free to saints, tapasvis, gausewaks and ashrams.


Why saving Desi Cows is important?

Desi cows are the cows that have been living in India since ancient times and have adapted to the local climate and environment. They are different from the foreign breeds like Jersey or Holstein-Friesian that are imported for commercial dairy farming. Desi cows have many benefits for humans, animals and nature. Some of them are:

Desi cows produce A2 milk, which is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. A2 milk is easier to digest and does not cause lactose intolerance or allergies. It also has medicinal properties that can cure many diseases and boost immunity.

Desi cows provide cow dung and urine, which are used as natural fertilizers and pesticides for organic farming. Cow dung and urine also have antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties that can purify the soil, water and air.

Desi cows are part of the Vedic culture and tradition of India. They are considered as mothers and worshipped as symbols of the divine bounty of earth. They are also associated with many gods and goddesses like Krishna, Shiva, Lakshmi and Durga. Serving and donating desi cows is considered as a noble deed that brings peace, prosperity and happiness in life.

How Shree Krishnayan Gaushala Promotes Gau Seva?

Shree Krishnayan Gaushala is committed to the welfare of desi cows by doing the following activities:

Cow protection: The gaushala rescues and rehabilitates injured, sick, old and abandoned desi cows from various places. It provides them with proper shelter, food, water, medical care and love. It also prevents them from being killed or exploited by unscrupulous people.

Self-reliant: The gaushala aims to inspire people to serve the desi cows and produce pure milk for themselves and their families. It trains people to make different products from cow milk, dung and urine like ghee, butter, yoghurt etc. It also teaches them to become self-reliant by keeping a desi cow at home or in their community.

Sheltering and feeding: The gaushala shelters and feeds all the desi cows that are saved or protected by it. It provides them with different types of fodder like grass, hay, grains, fruits and vegetables. It also ensures that they get enough water, shade, ventilation and space to roam freely.

Spreading knowledge: The gaushala educates people about the difference between desi cows and foreign breeds, the benefits of desi cow products, the importance of cow protection and the role of cows in Vedic culture. It organizes various events.


Let's save our planet with Gauseva

As human beings, we need the blessings of our divine Gaumata in order to lead a life of peace and tranquility. Those living in cities must make it a priority to spend some time each year visiting rural areas, where they can experience cows firsthand. In doing so, we are recognizing that these animals possess great spiritual power and contribute towards the upkeep of our desi cows – an important symbol of community pride.

We started with just 11 cows in the year 2010 in Haridwar, and presently we shelter and feed more than 18000 cows & Bulls in various locations all put together. This number is ever-increasing as stray Desi Cows & Bulls mostly deserted by their owner are brought to our Gaurakshashala every day.

But Every year thousands of cows in India become victims of road accidents and die because those cows do not get treatment at the right time. In Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Evam Gaulok Dham Sewa Samiti, we protect, feed & shelter ailing, starving, destitute and stray Desi Cows & Bulls, the majority of which are abandoned by their owners or saved from butchers. All of you are requested to join the noble cause of Gausewa by giving financial support as much as possible and help the cow mother to get her lost honor and rights.


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