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Best Cow Shelters near Uttarakhand in India

Uploaded on 11 Jan 2023

Best Cow Shelters near Uttarakhand in India

Along with agriculture, animal husbandry has also been an important part of the rural economy in India. Cow rearing has a special place in this because the cow is not just an animal but holds the status of a mother. But some people only see the profit due to which good care of cows, proper nutrition of cows and better and comfortable facilities for them are not left. This is the reason why today thousands of homeless and destitute cattle are forced to roam the streets helplessly.

In such a situation, we need cow shelters today. Where mother cow can get proper service and respect. By the way, nowadays many people run Gaushalas across the country, but the ideal Gaushala is the one where there is proper arrangement for the service of the cows. Along with natural environment and food, along with 24-hour medical facility, where there is a favorable Vedic and religious environment, it can be called an ideal Gaushala.

Apart from this, what should be the essential facilities that define an ideal Gaushala. Let's know.

How to make a best cow shelters for Animals

• Choose the right place. Before building a cowshed or cow farm, keep in mind that there should be no problem of water filling during rains and with the help of drains, rain water and excreta of cows also go out of the cowshed.

• For the convenience of the cows, some big doors, windows and sheds should also be installed in the cowshed, so that the animals can be protected from the problem of rain, heat and frost in winter.

• There should be arrangement of electricity and water so that automatic machines can be used for dairy related works.

• Take care of fodder facilities. For better health of cows, timely fodder, grains, balanced animal feed are also to be given.

• Keep Gausevaks and doctors in the Gaushala to take care of the cows, so that timely feeding, bathing, milk production and medical examination of the cows can be done.

• Keep in mind that in the cow farm or cowshed, make separate stables for sick cows, so that healthy animals do not get affected badly.

• Keep consulting the veterinarians and get the cows medically examined.

• At the time of change of season before rain, summer and winter, get cows vaccinated against diseases, so that health problems do not arise.

• Feed balanced animal feed along with green fodder to the cows.

• Keep the cows bathed in the morning and evening in summer, so that there is no risk of diseases.

• Most importantly, don't keep cows in captivity. Keep the rope loose around their knuckles and neck too, so that there is no physical pain.


Best Cow shelters near uttarakhand for animals

The divine presence of thousands of desi cattle in the Gaushala located on the banks of holy river Ganga in Haridwar, proper arrangements for their shelter, food, rest and medical care and a team of doctors and gau sevaks ready to serve day and night. Yes, this is a wonderful view of Krishnayan Gaushala.

However, there is no doubt that nowadays cow shelters near uttarakhand for animals are very popular in which Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha and Golok Dham Seva Samiti has a special place as it is one of the biggest cow shelters for desi cows in India. Here sick, hungry, destitute and stray country cows and bulls are protected, fed and given shelter, most of which have been abandoned by their owners or rescued from butchers. Most of these cows are milk barren. These cows are brought to our Gaushala from difficult situations. All these cows are fed, sheltered and taken care of by hundreds of Gausevaks working round the clock. This Gaushala is run and managed by saints. We do not exploit these cows for milk but distribute them free of cost to saints/ascetics/gausevaks/ashrams.

This Gaushala started in the year 2010 with just 11 cows in Haridwar, and currently more than 2000 cows and bulls are given shelter together at different locations. This number is increasing continuously. One of the reasons for its special place in cow shelters near uttarakhand is that these gaushalas are registered with Animal Welfare Board of India (Chennai) and Animal Welfare Boards in various states. Not only this, Shree Krishnayan Gaushala has received various awards and honors for its remarkable contribution in the field of Gauseva. And it is also recognized and registered with the State Government of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and Government of India.

Shree Krishnayan Gaushala has become an example for those people who yearn to raise money in the name of cow rearing. The biggest feature of shree Krishnayan Gaushala is that most of the cows here are such that they do not get milk. Still, cows are an important part of the family. Arrangements for their food and drink are made just like the milk producing cows. Not only this, the injured or sick cows are also treated here. Medicine is being made by extracting the extract of cow urine at the Gaushala. CNG gas is being made from cow dung. Along with this, insecticide medicine is being made for the crops.

If you are also looking for cow shelters near uttarakhand then Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Evam Golok Dham Seva Samiti is the best option.

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