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Miracles of Gaumata and Benefits of Desi Ghee

Miracles of Gaumata and Benefits of Desi Ghee

Uploaded on 25 May 2023
Miracles of Gaumata and Benefits of Desi Ghee

Today's youth is ignorant of the knowledge and usefulness told by our sages, but even today big scientists search for the same things and achieve the same authenticity that our forefathers did. Do you know how much quality is there in Cow Ghee? Perhaps very few people know this. To sum up the health benefits of cow ghee in one sentence, cow ghee is anti-aging, a source of healthy fats, known to have medicinal benefits, improve digestion and taste of food.


Desi cow is not just an animal but a gift of nature

It is an undeniable truth that in India cow has never been considered as an animal, but she has been considered as the mother of the universe and the mother of humans. Since Vedic times, it has been cherished for spiritual, cultural, social, economic, religious and medicinal reasons. In today's modern era, strengthening the economic side of the indigenous cow is a big challenge. It has been proved by scientific research that milk, curd, ghee, urine and cow dung, the five major substances obtained from cow, which are known as Panchagavya, remove the major three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) of humans.


Religious and Scientific Benefits of Desi Ghee

Cow's ghee is being called 'The Sacred Fat'. Cow ghee is mentioned in Rigveda and Bhagavad Gita. In Hinduism, cow's ghee has been used in every religious ceremony since the birth of a person.

According to Indic Vedic and Astrological science, the presence of cow's ghee in the kitchen brings prosperity as it is claimed as sacred butter in the oldest Indian treatises like Charaka and Sushruta Samhita. Desi cow's ghee contains antioxidants, antibacterial and vitamins, which protect the body from infections. All these elements also remove toxins from the body. The environment is purified by the use of Cow Ghee in Yagya.


Savor the goodness of nature

In the morning at the time of sunrise and in the evening at the time of sunset, if cow's ghee and rice are offered together with mantras, then the surrounding environment becomes disinfected. On offering sacrifices with cow's ghee, it has been observed that as far as the effect of the smoke of Yajna spreads, to that extent no germs remain in the atmosphere and that area becomes completely free from germs. Scientists use Propylene Oxide gas to produce artificial rain. This gas is obtained when cow's ghee is sacrificed. In ancient times, ground water was not used for irrigation in agriculture. It used to rain from time to time because of the Yajna. Cow's ghee has immense potential to destroy the side effects of radioactive radiations that reach the body.


Health benefits of Desi Ghee

The taste of Indian food is considered incomplete without desi ghee. Apart from increasing the taste of food, ghee is also very beneficial for health. Especially ghee made from desi cow is very good for your health. In Ayurveda, desi cow's ghee is considered like nectar, which has more than a hundred properties which act like medicine. Its regular use keeps your weight under control, gives strength to the body and also strengthens the bones. Apart from increasing energy and maintaining mental health, it is also a boon for skin and hair. In other words, you can say that it protects you from many diseases.

Desi ghee contains anti-oxidants. These increase the immunity of the body. Linoleic acid is found in desi ghee. It prevents the increase of body weight. Vitamin K is found in desi cow's ghee. Which is beneficial for heart health. Apart from this, abundant amounts of fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 9 are found in it, which are essential for the growth of growing children. Consumption of cow's ghee does not increase cholesterol. It also balances the weight.

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