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Why are cows the most severe animal?

Why are cows the most severe animal?

Uploaded on 18 Aug 2021
Why are cows the most severe animal?

Why do all Hindus worship cows and give much more respect and love than any other animal? There are so many animals, what makes cows so special? Why do Hindu relate cows with their religion? Why are cows called ‘Mata’? Why are cows considered equivalent to god, actually more than that? What do Vedas say about cows? 

We need to understand cow’s personalities & behavior in detail in order to answer the above questions. Cows are large-eyed, calm, matte skin, its Signature-hump, makes it the most evolved of animals. It is also a sacred animal for the majority of Hindus  community & they are also allowed to walk on roads without anyone objecting to it.A right-wing Hindu organisation has actually launched cosmetics using cow urine and dung.

Unique Qualities of cows

  • Cows have an excellent sense of smell, they can smell upto 5 miles away.

  • They can hear both High & Low frequencies beyond Human capabilities.

  • Cows feel every emotion just like us & it's been observed that if you treat cows nicely, they’ll produce more milk.

  • Cows are devotional mothers and are known to walk for miles to find their calves.

  • Cows like to live with their families just like us.

  • Cows' memories are very sharp, which means they will never forget how you treated them, good or bad.

  • Cows have a 360 degree vision.

Do you know? Rajasthan actually has a ‘ COW-MINISTER’.There are campaigns going on demanding that the cow should replace the tiger as the national animal.

Martyred innocence 

Mr. Modi accused the Congress government of promoting a "pink revolution" - slaughtering cows and exporting meat for money."Should we feel proud of this endeavour of the UPA government led by Congress, which is founded on the killing of our mother cow?"It's a different thing that under Mr Modi, India continues to be the world's largest exporter of beef - 80% of it buffalo meat. 

The cow is considered as God because according to Hinduism,  the cow is representative of divine and natural beneficence and should therefore be protected and venerated. Though in ancient times cattle meat was common to eat, even then cows were not used.

According to the people of the Rig Veda, a cow was identical to wealth, and there was no Lakshmi worship in those days. Nature and creation were worshipped, while wealth and cows were rejected.

Cows are called ‘mata’ which means mother in English because the emotions one can feel from cows are very motherly. Cows nourish us with their Milk, just the way our mother does. They gave us benefits as much as possible, whether it is through their Milk or milk products, cow-dung cakes, or in the fields. And in return, they just expect what our mother also expects, which is love & care.

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