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The Struggle Of The Manifester!

Uploaded on 18 Aug 2021

The ‘ Manifester’ is the one who creates or manifests something. For example, the farmers of our country are the true Manifester of the Grains and vegetables or all the other things they produce in their farms.  They are the ones who put everything on the Farm to produce the grains so that they can sell them & earn enough for their survival. They give their full energy and time to harvesting the grain because they know that is the one and only source of income they have. Also, this is the only job they are good at. 

Similarly, cattle like cows, buffalos, and many others are the real gems of our country. Just like our countrymen, these cows give us everything they have.If you think deeply farmers are the real people who gave their blood and sweat in producing grains. All the other people that are involved in the process just take the food to the ultimate consumers. Apart from that they don't give any contribution in the grain manifestation.

And this is a harsh reality that if you compare the amount of profit that these manifesters get is the least. On the contrary, the number of efforts put in is the maximum.Cows produce milk and we make so many other milk products out of it, such as buttermilk, curd, ghee, cheese, etc. We use cows in many ways like in farms, in the carts and to take out oil. We use cow-dung in many ways, like as cooking fuel, to cool the temperature of houses in villages and they are also used as manure for the plants. We use cows in every possible way. But the saddest part is that they don't ask for more. 

They only ask for little care and attention from us. We just need to take good care of the cows. Give them whatever their basic necessities are. Cows need very little. They just need feed & water, medication when required and proper shelter. 

Nowadays there are many NGOs that support cows in many ways. And we must show some humanity towards these tongue tied animals. The donation that is collected by the NGO is being used in many ways, such as to get cows feed like husk, cows shelter, and for their protection. 

If you see from the religious point of view also. It is written in our religious books that only one single cow holds more importance than worshipping many Gods. So, if you worship and feed cows than the amount of joy and blessings you’ll get in return will be so much that you will always remain happy and successful in your life. And you will also feel the internal satisfaction and happiness from within after doing a bit from your side. Because whenever we do something good or help somebody, we always feel good from the inside because God has made us such a way, that we all are dependent on one another and we must help each other out and make the earth a better place to live in.

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