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Let's Fight Against Animal Cruelty with Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaushala

Let's Fight Against Animal Cruelty with Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaushala

Uploaded on 13 Jun 2023
Let's Fight Against Animal Cruelty with Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaushala

Reports of violence against animals regularly come to light. Somewhere a pregnant elephant is killed by placing an explosion inside a pineapple, and somewhere innocent animals like blackbuck are hunted. According to a statistic, thousands of animals across the country lose their lives due to violence.

Forget about the elephant, in our country even our revered mother cow is not spared. Whereas in our scriptures we are taught the lesson of having mercy on the living beings. In our scriptures, trees, plants, flowers, mountains, waterfalls, animals, birds, wild animals, rivers, lakes, forests, soil, even valleys have their own importance. In view of its importance, the experts of Vedas and Puranas urge to plant the tree in front of the house and it is also worshipped. Similarly, there is a tradition of making figures of animals and birds outside the house. India is the only place where snake is considered as a deity and cow is worshiped as a mother.

Violence against Gaumata is heinous crime

That's why in many homes the first roti is made for mother cow. However, cows in India are either becoming victims of road accidents every day or they are left destitute on the streets to starve to death in old age. This too is a kind of cruel violence. Whereas in our culture any kind of violence with cow is an unforgivable crime. In our religious Vedas, there is a tradition of love, co-existence and worship of animals and birds, but mother cow has been given a special and worship able place. In the Vedic era, animals like cow, Taurus had an important place. Anyway, violence with animals cannot be tolerated in a civilized society.

Mother Cow- Strong pillar of Indian culture

Regarding the incidents of violent behavior with mother cow, Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi had also said that your civilization will be judged by how you treat your animals.  According to Hinduism, 33 crores of gods and goddesses reside in a cow. Lord Krishna got all his knowledge from cow's feet, Jesus Christ has said that killing a cow or a bull is tantamount to killing a man. Bal Gangadhar Tilak had said that you can kill me but do not hurt a cow. Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya had advocated total prohibition of cow slaughter. Lord Buddha describes cows as the friend of man, whereas Jains have called cow heaven.

Mother Cow has been the cornerstone of Indian culture and tradition since ancient times. Like Ganga, Gomti, Geeta, Govind, cow is also considered very sacred in the scriptures.

Importance of Gauseva and Godan

There has been a great tradition in our culture of cow rearing and Gauseva and Godan. Cow service is also a path to happiness and prosperity. Vedas-Puranas, Smritis are all full of excellence of cow-service. According to Indian culture, mother cow has also been the means of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Actually the culture of India is basically called cow-culture. Cow is the main basis of our economy, health and culture along with reverence.

In an important decision, the Allahabad High Court has demanded that the cow be given the status of a national animal, saying that the cow has an important place in Indian culture. In the present perspective, there is a need to understand the importance of cow. Understanding this importance, the court said that the protection of cows should be included in the fundamental right of Hindus. This vision and awareness of the court is a respect for Indian culture, an initiative to increase its pride. Shree Krishnayan Desi Gau Raksha is especially active in this great campaign of Gauseva.


Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha and Gaulok Dham Seva Samiti
Shree Krishnayan Desi Gau Raksha and Gaulok Dham Seva Samiti is one of the largest Gau Rakshashala in India. A large number of sick, accidental and suffering cows are treated here on a regular basis. Special treatment is given to the cows, which are suffering from extreme malnutrition and diseases. Arrangements are also made for service material and resources of handicapped cows here. Apart from this, arrangements for grass, fodder, nutritious food, medicines etc. are made in Gau Rakshashala.

We started with just 11 cows in the year 2010 in Haridwar, and presently we shelter and feed more than 18000 cows & Bulls in various locations all put together. This number is ever-increasing as stray Desi Cows & Bulls mostly deserted by their owner are brought to our Gau Rakshashala every day. Most of the cows that come here are injured or sick, whose information is conveyed to us by the general public. We go to pick them up and bring them to the Gaushala, treat them and serve them.

All of you are requested to join the noble cause of Gausewa by giving financial support as much as possible and help the cow mother to get her lost honor and rights.

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