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Kismat connection of Successful life with Gaumata

Uploaded on 28 Nov 2022

To get success in life, if luck is with you, then the journey becomes easy. That's why every person adopts many ways to become lucky to get the support of luck. But you don't get as much result as you think. Many such things have been told in the scriptures, by following which we can make ourselves lucky.

Many times it happens that you do not get the benefit in return for the hard work you do, then let us tell you that your luck is not to blame. Rather, the deeds of your past time are such that your work cannot be done. So in such a situation, you need to take some measures to make the inauspicious auspicious.

And in this case, the biggest solution is to serve mother cow. By doing cow service, the lock of luck of the good ones opens. The service of mother cow also plays an important role in attaining salvation. Mother cow has a very important place in Hinduism. It is said that all the Gods and Goddesses reside in the mother cow. In such a situation, by serving him, your fortune will shine. Cow service is a very virtuous act in the Vedas. According to the Puranas, if you give food or water to a cow, you are also feeding five crore gods and goddesses.

Since ancient times, the cow has been considered a sacred animal in worship or yagya. Sinful souls need the tail of a cow to cross the Vaitarani river that flows after death. Family troubles go away from Gauseva. Happiness and prosperity remains in the family. All the gods and goddesses are pleased by serving and worshiping the cow and the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi continue to shower for 5 generations. By doing cow service, you will get the virtue of taking bath in all the holy places while sitting at home.

Nagdevata resides in the cow's hooves, Ganga ji in the urine and Lakshmi ji in the cow dung, Sun resides in one eye of Gau Mata and Chandra Dev resides in the other eye. Mother cow is considered Annapurna and Kamdhenu, cow's milk is considered like nectar, golden element is found in this milk, this element gives relief from diseases.

If your big works are not being successful, then come to Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaurakshashala and serve the cow, you can also make arrangements for the worship of the cow. Gaudan Puja Vidhi is performed in our Gaushala through Vedic method and Shastra knowledgeable and trained Brahmins. We have a huge yagya mandap on the bank of Ma Ganga. Vedic Brahmins perform all kinds of Yagyas, Pujas and Japas for the welfare of the people.

It will fulfill your Sankalp and will help you in attaining the highest state of eternal bliss. This will improve your luck and you will always be happy.

We feed these thousands of Gaumata and Gauvansh in our Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaurakshashala. As on date 18000+ stray/ destitute Desi Indian Cows / bulls and her progenies are being sheltered in our Gaurakshashalas. All of you are requested to join the noble cause of Gausewa by giving financial support as much as possible and help the cow mother to get her lost honor and rights.

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