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How to keep mother cows Happy and Healthy?

How to keep mother cows Happy and Healthy?

Uploaded on 03 Jun 2021
How to keep mother cows Happy and Healthy?

Lord Krishna said, ““Humans need cows more than cows need humans. Cows need to be protected for humans to survive.”
We all have to understand Essentials to Keep Cattle Healthy & Happy Through Winter and other season. India is renowned for its vast agricultural lands, rich cultural heritage and famous cows. Anybody can see that an Indian cow is different from a foreign-bred Jersey cow by its mere appearance. Standing tall and beautiful, Indian cows are often in the shades of brown and white with a magnificent hump on their backs. It's not surprising that Indian cows are given the title of mother and addressed as ‘Gau Mata’. They've helped us in countless ways from ploughing, to farming, to carrying loads, to providing manure for agriculture and most importantly, providing healthy milk and ghee that is consumed in every household.

How to keep cows Healthy
Did you know that India once had 127 breeds of cattle? Sadly, most of them are now extinct and there are only 37 remaining. We must do everything in our power to ensure their survival. From providing the right feed and good medical care, dairy farmers work closely with their employees and a network of experts to make sure their cows stay healthy and comfortable. By keeping them happy, they’re also more likely to be healthy and healthy animals produce more for their farm or ranch. In order to provide cow residents with the best care possible, it’s important to have a basic understanding of their digestive system, eating habits, and nutritional needs.

Below are some ways how to keep cows healthy:

Provide Nutritious Feed & Water

Do cows need shelter from rain? do cows need shelter in the winter? how to keep cows warm in winter? Yes, all these question have one answer and that is shelter. it is necessary to keep Cow Well Fed. Diet of milch animals How to prepare and feed a balanced diet of milch animals, this thing is very important for the animal parents. Balanced diet is that food item which fulfills the fixed nutritional requirements of a particular animal for 24 hours. In the diet of milch animals, special proportion of carbohydrate, fat, protein and mineral salts has been asked.

You’ll need an ample supply of grass hay for your cow residents, though the specific variety will depend a lot on your location. Timothy, Bermuda grass, and orchard grass are a few common varieties, though they may not all be available in your area.  In the balanced ration of the diet of milch animals, the amount of different substances of the mixture is kept according to the season and animal weight and its production capacity. Supply fresh water for your cattle. By ensuring a regular water source, your cattle will continue to thrive -a key sign of a happy animal 

Regular Well-Being Checks
It is one of the most important aspects of a dairy farmer's job to take care of cows. Since so few people know a farmer anymore, it's important to educate them about how their food is made. Vaccinations canhelp protect your cattle from a variety of diseases. Your vet will be able to provide you with specific recommendations based on the type of animal and its health status. It's also important to keep an eye on your livestock in dry conditions, as they are more susceptible to illness.

Provide shaded areas & Focusing on Comfort
Cattle will produce more milk if they are shaded. Studies have shown that providing shelter from direct sunlight can reduce heat load by as much as 50%. So whether you’re using a large tree or man-made shade, don’t be afraid to cast your herd into the shadows. Providing proper shelter for grazing cattle during cold weather is critical and can even reduce your feed costs, since chilled livestock will have increased energy requirements. Shelter can be provided in a variety of ways. Three-sided sheds placed throughout your pastures will allow cattle to escape harsh weather. Hills, gullies, thickets of trees and shelterbelts can also work as wind breaks. It’s also important to pay attention to the weather forecast. When you know there’s a winter storm coming, it’s best to keep cattle close to the barn or near a shelter. That’s one of the benefits of temporary electric fencing – you can control where your cattle are at all times.

Now, anybody asks that how to take care of cow in India, how to keep cattle healthy and how to take care of cow at home, we hope you will answer them perfectly. Because now you are aware about Basic care practices for healthy cows.

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