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Uploaded on 02 Aug 2021

Earlier in every home people used to first make a “roti” for the name of Cow, which is still followed in very few now. It’s a belief in India that the “cow is our Mother” & we must feed her first before us. And on many occasions, we first take out roti for her.

Cows play a very important part in Indians’ life. Such as we worship cows. Cows nourish us with her milk like a mother. We use Cow dung in many ways, like, as Manures to increase plants productivity, as a cooking fuel in the stoves, and as a coolant, it is used to cover the entire house especially walls so that its temperature doesn’t rise. We also make numerous things out of milk, such as Curd, cheese, butter, buttermilk, ice cream, cream, whey, and casein, other cattle like bull or ox are also used in bullock carts or ox carts as 2- wheeler vehicles.

Do you know some facts about cows? 

  1. Cows are emotional and intelligent beings who each have unique individual personalities. 
  2. Cows' memories are strong and they have been known to hold grudges against other cows, as well as humans after a negative experience.
  3. They are very social, maintain a relationship with one another over a period of time, even they mourn the deaths of their loved ones or separation from them.
  4. Cows have a very sharp mind with brilliant memory. They recognize individual human faces.
  5. They don't like high contrast objects on the ground like bright surfaces and dark shadows for example). They don't like sudden movement or noise.

It is ironic that we are blessed with such a giving creature like a cow, but in return, it gets plenty of harassment.

Our elder says we must worship cows, feed them first, take good care of it, & take their blessings. But the upcoming generation is not only negating the Cows rather humiliate to the extent that when they are of no use, but they are also literally thrown into the roads. There have been incidents where cows' bodies were burnt with the tools.

Just imagine! A tongue-tight animal that is not troubling us rather giving us everything they have. And we are ill-treating them in every which way, So what example are we setting for our next generation? And how will we answer the almighty after our journey ends?Because it is a complete sin on our part for sure. It’s high time we shake up our consciousness and realize this sin and work in rectifying the errors we all have made by contributing towards some necessary steps such as Donation for cow feeding, Cow protection charity, Donation for cow protection, Online donation India, Goseva donation.

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