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What Happens if a cow eats Plastic ?

Uploaded on 08 Sep 2023
What Happens if a cow eats Plastic ?

In Indian culture, cow is not just a common animal but is also a mother figure. All our deities reside in the cow. For this reason, only by serving the cow God becomes pleased. It is a belief in Hindu religion that a person who touches a cow after bathing in the morning becomes free from sins. All the sins of a man are destroyed by doing cow service. Goswami Tulsidas has told cow protection as one of the reasons for the incarnation of Lord Rama.

In Hinduism, the cow is considered to be a sacred and productive animal, and its products are highly valued for their medicinal and spiritual benefits. Panchgavya has been used in Ayurveda for centuries and is known for its numerous health benefits. Panchgavya is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy made from five key products derived from the cow: milk, curd, ghee (clarified butter), urine, and dung.

However, if we want Panchgavya like elixir, then it is necessary to take special care of the service of mother cow and her food. By feeding her fresh fodder, straw and nutritious grains, you can not only get pure Panchgabya but also receive the virtue and blessings of serving the mother cow.

Plastic Is Killing India's Sacred Cows

But unfortunately, far from giving simple food to mother cow today, we are forcing her to die by consuming plastic poison. Today, hundreds of cows are becoming victims of premature death every day by eating plastic bags to quench the stomach fire. Incidents of cows dying due to eating polythene have now become common. Every day we read the news that doctors have removed 60 kg of polythene from the stomach of a cow by performing an operation, and somewhere 20-30 kg of polythene has been removed by performing an operation on the stomach of a cow.

Cow Dies Due to Consumption of Plastic

Every year thousands of cows in the country die due to eating plastic. The number of deaths of cows due to eating plastic polythene is very high. There are names of many states in this list, but the condition of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan is the worst. According to a report, in one city alone every year around 1000 cows die due to eating polythene.

Veterinarians say that cows eat raw food. Their stomach is divided into four parts for digestion. These include the rumen and reticulum, omeogen and abomasum. The capacity of the rumen is 40 kg, in which food is stored. When a cow chews plastic, this polythene gets trapped in the rumen and reticulum. This causes flatulence and tympanitis. Difficulty in breathing due to bloating, and the cow can even die if gas doesn't pass.

When your cow swallow plastic bags

It is impossible for living beings to digest plastic. The reactions of plastic going into the intestines are very bad. Many times the sharp plastic does not fit down the throat. In such a situation, they start suffocating. Due to the chemicals present in the plastic, they get infection due to which they die after some time.

The cow searches for food here and there when it is hungry on the roads for the whole day. We have a habit of putting everything in a plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage. In such a situation, wherever they find garbage lying on the roadside or empty plots, they eat it. Actually, the cow swallows that foil or pouch, finding food in them. Due to polythene and plastic mixed in that garbage, along with eating other food items, it also goes into their stomach and they fall ill after a few days of eating it. Plastic does not get destroyed in its stomach, and one day the poor creature becomes a victim of the mistake of us humans and dies due to stomach upset or some other disease. The highest number of animals that die after eating polythene is seen in cows.

What to do if a cow ate a plastic bag and possible danger

By the way, the real issue is that if today mother cow is eating garbage, then it is our fault because we have given up cow rearing. If there is no garbage on the roads and there are no pastures for the cows, then they will eat only garbage. We should stop using plastic.

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