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Vedic & cultural importance of Gaumata and Gaudan in Hinduism

Uploaded on 14 Dec 2022
Vedic & cultural importance of Gaumata and Gaudan in Hinduism

Importance of cow in vedas has been highlighted in detail in Indian scriptures, Puranas and scriptures and leaders and rulers of various religions in India have always talked about cow protection.  In Hindu Sanatan Dharma, cow has been called the most sacred animal in the world. Cow has been a major part of this universe even before life was not born on earth. Kamdhenu cow is mentioned in our religious texts, Vedas, Puranas, which had the ability to provide everything in the world. So let us know why cow has so much importance in Hindu religion and culture. Why has cow been given the status of mother? And what is the importance of Godan in the Vedas?


Importance of cow in Hindu mythology

It has been said in many places in our ancient texts that there will be famine on the earth. In ancient times, there was not so much availability of various types of food grains, nor was the food as organized as it is today. The whole family depended on the milk of the cow reared at home. Cow's milk used to save lives in times of famine. Man used to survive by drinking milk. Cow's milk was also given to those children whose mother could not breastfeed, so that they could survive. Cow's milk is still given to new born children. That's why cow got the status of mother.

It has been said about the importance of cow in Atharvaveda, “O cow! Human beings become physically fit and strong through your milk and ghee. Sick people become healthy. In the house where you are present, auspicious resolutions come true and the fame of the people living in that family increases progressively.”

In the Vedas, the cow has been said to be worship able because it is believed to be the abode of 33 crore gods. That's why by worshiping just one Gaumata, the worship of 33 crore deities is completed. This is the reason why cow donation is also considered the biggest donation in the world.  If we talk about Scientific importance of cow, then Scientists have also proved that Suryaketu Nadi produces gold when it comes in contact with the rays of the Sun. This gold produced in the cow's body is found in minute amounts in its milk, urine and dung. This is the reason why cow's milk provides complete nutrition. Its urine and dung have the ability to cure many types of diseases.


Benefits of Gaudan
Panchgavya means milk, curd, ghee, urine and cow dung. It has been written in Ayurveda for centuries to cure diseases by its use, but people have started believing it now. Panchgavya to fatal diseases like cancer are being treated.

It has been said in Vishnusmriti also in this context. The importance of cow donation is also linked to religious-cultural rituals. There is a mention of a river named Vaitarani in the Garuda Purana. According to him, when a man dies, his soul has to go through many kinds of sufferings according to its deeds before reaching heaven. One of these rivers is Vaitarani. It is not possible for the soul to cross this river. If a man has donated a cow while he was alive, then a cow is present there to help him cross the river and the soul crosses the river holding its tail. That's why many people donate cows for the sake of their relatives after their death. It is said in Mahabharata's Anushasana Parva that the best of all donations in the world is the donation of a cow. Hope you have got the answer that why indian people do Gaudaan.

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