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The Miracles of Cow Services

Uploaded on 24 Jan 2022
The Miracles of Cow Services

Since time immemorial, mankind has been making its life happy, prosperous, healthy, wealthy and fortunate by serving mother cow. The scriptures are full of the greatness of serving mother cow. People can achieve a lot of good karma by just feeding the cow. People who feed Gaumata with complete devotion and serve her food, water and affection will be rewarded with whatever they wish for wealth, prosperity or knowledge. The land where a group of cows sits and breathes in and out becomes pure and devoid of any impurities.


How beneficial is it to feed grass to cows

Those who serve Gaumata with complete devotion by taking care of her fodder, giving her water to drink, caressing her with love and looking after the injured ones get whatever they wish for. It is believed that all the gods and goddesses, sages and the Ganga reside in Gaumata's body, which means that serving her means serving all these divinities.


Miracles Resulting from Service to Cows

Man attains rare achievements by doing darshan, worship, salutation, circumambulation, caressing the cow, giving cow grass and drinking water, etc. to the cow. All the Gods and Goddesses, Rishi Muni, Ganga etc. all the rivers and pilgrimages reside in the body of the cow. That's why one gets the fruit of service to everyone by doing cow service.

By paying obeisance to the cow, religion, meaning, work and salvation are attained. That's why a wise man desirous of happiness should constantly bow down to the cows.

Rishis have told the best and first religion to be done is Gauseva. Seeing cow first in the morning improves life. Apart from this, visiting a cow before going on a journey makes the journey auspicious.

The environment far away from the place where cows live remains pure and holy, so cow-keeping should be done. Lord Vishnu is also most pleased with the service of cows, the one who serves cows easily attains Goloka.


Importance and significance of cow in astrology

Let us know some facts and remedies related to cow in astrology, by doing which success can be achieved in every work. The nine planets remain calm by worshiping the cow. Make it a rule to visit the Gaushala with your family once a day, a week or a month. The place where mother cow stands and breathes peacefully. There the Vaastu defects get eliminated.

By circumambulating the service of mother cow, a person becomes free from fear and gets the benefit of the virtues of all the pilgrimages. There is a raised hump on the back of mother cow. In that hump there is the Sun-Ketu channel. Diseases are destroyed by rubbing hands on the back of mother cow every morning. The person whose fate line is sleeping, then that person should keep jaggery in his palm and lick it with his tongue.


Donation for cow protection

Every year thousands of cows in India become victims of road accidents and die because those cows do not get treatment at the right time. In Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Evam Gaulok Dham Sewa Samiti, we protect, feed & shelter ailing, starving, destitute and stray Desi Cows & Bulls, the majority of which are abandoned by their owners or saved from butchers. All of you are requested to join the noble cause of Gausewa by giving financial support as much as possible and help the cow mother to get her lost honor and rights.


If You Want to Donate in GauSeva, Click Here

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