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Uploaded on 22 May 2024

Shivabhishek : Significance, Types, Puja  Vidhi & Online Shivabhishek

Lord Shiva is especially worshiped in Hindu religion. It is believed that he fulfills all the wishes of his devotees and bestows his special blessings on them. There is a special tradition of worshiping Lord Shiva on the day of Mahashivratri and he is worshiped in different ways. Performing Rudra abhishek is considered fruitful. Although Rudra bhishek can be done on any day, but if it is done on the day of Mahashivratri, then special results are obtained. Shiva linga is one of the many forms of Lord Shiva. Shivlinga is considered to be the physical form of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is very fond of the stream of water and hence the Shivling is worshiped and anointed, which is called Rudra abhishek. Devotees please Lord Shiva by worshiping him through Rudr abhishek. Lord Shiva is also known as Bhole bhandari and he is easily pleased with his devotees.

Significance of Shiva Abhishek:

According to the ancient story, Lord Brahma was born from the lotus that grew from the navel of Vishnu. When Brahmaji asked the reason for his birth, Vishnuji told the secret of Brahma's origin. He said that you were born because of me, but Brahmaji was not ready to accept this and a war started between the two. Angered by this war, Lord Shiva incarnated in the form of Rudra Linga. When Brahma and Vishnu did not know the beginning and end of this Linga, they accepted defeat. Then both of them together anointed the Linga, which pleased Lord Shiva and from then onwards Rudr abhishek started.

Benefits of Shivabhishek:

Performing Rudrabhishek on the day of Shivratri brings happiness and prosperity in your life and gives relief from troubles. If you perform Rudrabhishek with the entire family on this day, then there are chances of success in life. Rudrabhishek helps in attaining good health, harmony, success. It fulfils one’s wishes. It gives prosperity & happiness in life. Rudrabhishek creates positive energy and removes negative vibes. it is one of the major means to remove the evils and hurdles. It useful for persons struggling in life. It serves as the ultimate remedy for many planetary Doshas.

If you organize Rudrabhishek at home on the day of Mahashivratri, then if there is any kind of planetary defect in your horoscope, you get relief from it. To get peace of planets and freedom from Mars, you should perform Rudrabhishek as per the rules.

Puja Method:

Rudrabhishek is performed by a Brahmin. In this Rudrabhishek, materials ranging from Panchamrit to sugarcane juice, lamp, oil or ghee, flowers, fruits etc. are used. Placing the Shivalinga in the north direction, the devotees sit near the Shivalinga facing east.

Rudrabhishek is started with Ganga water and Shivalinga is bathed with Ganga water between every type of anointment. After this, all the materials required for Abhishek are offered on Shivalinga.

Finally, after performing Aarti of the Lord, special dishes are offered. Rudram or 'Om Namah Shivay' is chanted in the entire process of Rudrabhishek.


Rudrabhishek Namak Chamak:

There are a total of ten chapters in Rudrashtadhyayi, but only eight chapters are considered important, because only in these eight chapters the glory and grace power of Lord Shiva has been described, hence it is called Rudrashtadhyayi. Out of these eight chapters, the fifth chapter is considered the most important. Therefore, if a person has less time then he can get good results by just reciting the fifth chapter. Good results are also obtained by reading only the fifth chapter instead of reading the entire chapter.

While reciting Rudrashtadhyayi, the fifth and eighth chapters are called “Namak Chamak Path” method Most important verses of Rudrashtadhyayi is known as 'Namak Chamak'. This prayer to Lord Rudra has two parts - the Namakam and Chamakam. Rudram is a hymn offered to all. Lord Shiva is pleased very quickly on recitation of Namak Chamak.


Benefits of Rudrabhishek Namam Chamak :

Salt Shine Rudrabhishek is a part of Laghu Rudri, its benefits are as follows. According to ancient belief, the seeker attains salvation by performing Laghurudri or “Laghurudrabhishek”.

There is an increase in wealth, property and prosperity. The person gets relief from trouble by any means. Reciting it relieves the fear of untimely death. You will be free from all types of diseases. By reciting Namak Chamak Rudrabhishek, your married life will become happy. It is one of the most powerful Vedic hymns. It is beneficial for everyone who chants it every day. It promotes health and happiness. It gives spiritual growth. It removes evil from life.


Puja method:

While reciting the entire Rudrashtadhyaya, the eighth and fifth chapters are not repeated, which is called consecration with salt and glitter. After completion of Rudrashtadhyaya, Shantipath and Swasti prayer are taken, after which Rudrabhishek is completed by giving donations to Panditji.


Rudrabhishek Laghurudra:

Rudra is also a name of Lord Shiva. The glory of the word Rudra is found in religious texts. This word has been mentioned many times in Yajurveda. Rudrashtadhyayi is considered a part of Yajurveda. Rudra means Rut and Rut means destroyer of sorrows i.e. the one who destroys sorrows is Rudra i.e. Lord Shiva because he destroys the sorrows of the entire world and brings welfare to the world.

The recitation of eleven fasts of Ekadashini Rudri has been called Laghurrudra Path. This short Rudra ritual can be performed simultaneously by selecting eleven Brahmins in one day. And by reciting Ekadashini regularly for eleven days, either by a Brahmin or by oneself, Laghu Rudra is accomplished. Laghu Rudrabhishek is a very important ritual in which the Panchamarit Pooja is offered to Lord Shiva. Nevertheless, this pooja is performed by experienced priests and they recite very powerful mantras.


Benefits of Rudrabhishek Laghurudra:

During Laghu Rudrabhishek, Panchamrit Puja is offered to Lord Shiva, which is a very important rites. However, this puja is performed by well-trained priests who recite extremely powerful mantras during the puja. These mantras bring good fortune and fulfill every wish of the devotee.In Laghu Rudrabhishek, these mantras bring good luck and fulfil all desires of the person who performs the pooja. It removes evil from life.


Puja MethodMethod:

In this, eleven repetitions of Ekadashini Rudri of Rudrashtadhyayi are recited. This is called Laghu Rudra. This is a worship done with Panchyamrit. This puja is considered very important. The puja is performed by a learned Brahmin using powerful mantras and scriptures. By doing this puja one gets relief from troubles and negative energy in life.


Online Shivabhishek at Shree Krishnayan Gaushala

At Shree Krishnayan Gaushala, we organise authentic Online and Offline pujas based on the auspicious days of the Vedic calendar throughout the year for millions of Hindu Devotees and provide an easy-to-use online puja and seva facility.

We perform the Sevas on your behalf, share every detail with you, and invite divine blessings into your life. At our gaushala, we are blessed with a magnificent yagya mandap situated on the serene banks of Ma Ganga. Accomplished Vedic Brahmins conduct various sacred rituals, including Yagyas, Pujas, and Japas, with utmost precision and devotion. These spiritual endeavors are undertaken for the well-being and welfare of the people, creating an atmosphere of divine grace and positive energy.

Presently more than 21000 destitute cows are living a happy and peaceful life. We not only give these cows a second home but also a second chance of happy life. You can perform Online Rudrabhishek in divine presence of gauvansh, which is performed by giving a sacred bath to Lord Shiva along with Ganga Jal, flowers and the holy puja materials along with Chanting of Mantras/hymns. It is done by Vedic Brahmins in the foothills of Himalayas on the bank of Maa Ganga.

Let's coms and participate in online Rudrabhishek, a  auspicious seva from your home and get the virtue and blessing from Lord Shiva.






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