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Online Shradh Services in Shree Krishnayan Desi GauRakshashala

Uploaded on 21 Jan 2023
Online Shradh Services in Shree Krishnayan Desi GauRakshashala

Online Shradh Services in Shree Krishnayan Desi GauRakshashala

Shradh holds immense significance as per Hindu beliefs, which is a lunar period of Bhadraprada. During this period of 16 days, people conduct pujas for their dead ancestors and priests offer food to Brahmins. Performing Pitru Paksha Shraddha rituals is an opportunity to pacify the departed souls. Actually, whatever is performed with devotion for the sake of ancestors for the satisfaction of their soul is Shraddha. According to Hindu religion, it is considered the duty of the son to save the ancestors. That's why it is considered mandatory to perform Shradh at holy places of pilgrimage for the self-satisfaction of our forefathers. Shradh rituals are performed not only for the peace of the souls of the ancestors but also to free oneself from ancestral debt.

Online Shradh Pooja in Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaushala

Wherever you are, from where you are not able to do the process of Pinddaan, then there is no need to worry. Now in Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaurakshashala the service of pitru paksha puja online i.e. online pind daan is also available. In order to perform Shradh of the ancestors, online Shradh and Tarpan are done by Pandit-Purohits in our Gaushala for the people sitting at home. online shradh puja performed for the ancestors during Shradh Paksha not only satisfy the ancestors but also provide happiness to those who perform Shradh.

There is a huge Yagya Mandap of ours i.e. Shri Krishnayan Desi Gau Raksha and Gaulok Dham Seva Samiti on the banks of Mother Ganga. Vedic Brahmins perform all kinds of Yagyas, Poojas and Japas for the welfare of the people. You can also organize Shradh program through our Gaushala. It is done by Brahmins in Bodh Gaya on the bank of holy river Faguni. It is done at 4 places in Gaya in VishnuPad mandir, Sitaghat, Akshay Ghat & devghat. Its take alteast 3-4 hours for complete rituals. Many items are purchased on your behalf for the shradh.

Gaya Shradh gives Peace to the wandering souls or our deceased family members. Its releases them from hell and elevates them to higher Lokas. It removes our Pitar dosh and gives us health, wealth& success. It also gives salvation to our Pitar.

You all can contact shree krishnayan gaushala for shradh puja online service anytime.

Shradh at kasha, Gaya, Pushkar, Prayag and Haridhar

By the way, pilgrimages like Gaya, Pushkar, Prayag or Haridhar are important for Tarpan, but if there is a river or a holy lake near your village, city, then you can do Tarpan there too, but if there is no river or pond If yes, then you can perform tarpan at home. But it would be better if you get the Shraddha done in the Gaushala because the atmosphere that is created in Devbhoomi Haridwar on the banks of the holy river Ganga is not created in the house.

All about Shradh puja mantra

According to the place and situation, whatever work is done with devotion with the chanting of mantras from barley, black sesame, kush etc., it is called Shradh. If ancestors are happy with Shradh, they bless their descendants with happiness, prosperity, happiness of children etc.

According to astrology and religious beliefs, for the salvation of the ancestors, the person should recite Pitra Gayatri Path. Apart from this, chanting of Pitra Gayatri Mantra during this time is also considered auspicious and virtuous. It is said that by reciting Pitru Gayatri Mantras and reciting Pitru Gayatri Mantras one always gets the blessings of the leaders along with the ancestors. Especially in Purnia, the Putra Gayatri Mantra and Brahma Gayatri Mantra make the person get the blessings of the ancestors during this time. And helps in removing the obstacles of life.

Shradh puja vidhi

Let us now know the correct method of Tarpan. Which will free you from Pitra Dosh and the soul of the ancestors will get peace. On the date on which parents, grandparents or any family member has died, Brahmins should be offered food in their name according to their faith and capacity and the correct method of Tarpan should be adopted.

For the satisfaction of the ancestors, we feed Brahmins, give charity and dakshina. But until the process of Tarpan is not completed, the Shradh process remains incomplete. Just as it is necessary to drink water after a meal, in the same way the process of offering water to ancestors is called Tarpan.

Every day in Pitru Paksha one should do Tarpan for the ancestors. At the time of tarpan, first tarpan is done for the deities. You should use kush, akshat, barley and black sesame seeds for tarpan. After offering tarpan one should pray to the ancestors, so that they are satisfied and bless you. If you are not able to follow this method, then you can take the help of expert priests in our Gaushala.

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