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How Panchgavya is a precious gift to humankind?

Uploaded on 02 Jun 2023
How Panchgavya is a precious gift to humankind?

Cow is considered sacred in Hinduism and is worshipped. Cow has been given the status of mother, but not only cow, but five things related to cow also have special importance in Hinduism. Five things that are mainly obtained from cow are considered essential for religious rituals, worship and auspicious works. These five things related to cow are called Panchgavya, which includes cow's milk, curd, ghee-butter, cow urine and cow dung. Let us know about the importance of these five things related to the cow i.e. Panchgavya.

Every ritual is considered incomplete without Panchagavya. Not only this, many diseases can be cured by the use of Panchgavya. Cow's milk, curd, ghee, cow urine and dung are called Panchgavya.

What is panchagavya

fact, the name of 'mother' has not been given to the cow just like that, everything that is produced from the cow is a medicine. The most important thing is that in the products of the cow, all the things and nutrients are available according to the requirement for the plants. Panchgavya is a medicine made from the things provided by nature, which works to increase the fertility of the land, apart from nourishing the plants growing in the field along with humans. It can be called the nectar of the modern era. 

The mixture of five things related to cow, milk, curd, ghee, cow urine and cow dung is called Panchagavya. These five things related to cow have special importance in Hinduism, Ayurveda and medicinal science. 

Religious Significance of Panchagavya

In Hinduism, no auspicious work is completed without Panchagavya. The use of Panchgavya is given priority in any religious festival, auspicious work, worship-recitation, rituals from villages-towns to cities. Panchagavya is used from home purification to body purification.

Desi Cow milk- Cow's milk is considered holy. It is used in making Panchamrit in religious rituals. Along with this, the blessings of Lord Shiva are obtained by anointing the Shivling with cow's milk. Kheer and sweets made from cow's milk are offered to God.

Curd – Curd made from milk also has religious significance. Like milk, curd also gives special results for anointing the Shivling.

Ghee and Butter- Lamps are lit in worship with cow's ghee. Yagya and Havan are performed. Butter is very dear to Lord Krishna. Butter is offered to Shri Krishna.

Gobar (Dung)- Dung is considered very sacred in religious rituals. The place of worship is smeared with cow dung. Along with this, there is a law to make an idol of Ganesha from cow dung and worship it. Many rituals are incomplete without cow dung.

Gaumutra (Cow urine)- Similar to the water of the Ganges, purification takes place by sprinkling cow urine. Spraying cow urine at home is considered beneficial. This removes negative energy.

Medicinal importance of Panchagavya

Panchgavya has special importance from the religious point of view and it has also been considered important in Ayurveda. These five things related to cow are also used in the form of many types of medicines. Many diseases of the body are treated by Panchgavya and it is also important for increasing immunity. Diseases are cured by increasing the immunity of the body by Panchgavya. Due to the ability of anti-oxidation in cow urine, DNA can be protected from destruction. 

The curative importance of cow dung in skin diseases is well known. Everyone is familiar with the high nutritional value of curd and ghee. Milk has been used in various ways in Indian culture since ancient times. Ghee is used to increase the capacity of the body and for mental development. Yogurt contains digestible proteins and beneficial bacteria which help in increasing the appetite. Panchgavya should be manufactured only by the products obtained from indigenous breed cows.

Panchagavya has demonstrated its potential to serve mankind as well as livestock and is a promising therapy against various human and animal ailments. The impact of Panchgavya should not be limited to ancient literature only, but it should play an important role in preserving this priceless wealth by cooperating in cow service.

Support cows with Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaushala 

Today Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaushala is dedicated with body, mind and money in the service of destitute and accident victims and expects financial cooperation from all the donors for the service of mother cow.

Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Evam Gaulok Dham Sewa Samiti is one of the largest Gaurakshashala of Desi cows in India. We protect, feed & shelter ailing, starving, destitute and stray Desi Cows & Bulls, the majority of which are abandoned by their owners or saved from butchers. Most of these Gauvansh are milk barren. These cows are brought to our Gaushala from tough conditions. All these cows are fed, sheltered, and looked after by hundreds of Gausewaks who work round the clock. This Gaushala is run and managed by saints. We do not exploit these cows for milk but distribute it free to saints / tapaswis / Gausewaks / Ashrams.

We started with just 11 cows in the year 2010 in Haridwar, and presently we shelter and feed more than 18000 cows & Bulls in various locations all put together. This number is ever-increasing as stray Desi Cows & Bulls mostly deserted by their owner are brought to our Gaurakshashala every day. We are registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India (Chennai) and with the animal welfare board in various states.

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