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How Mother Cow associated with Goddess Durga and Navratri ?

Uploaded on 20 Oct 2023
How Mother Cow associated with Goddess Durga and Navratri ?

This month is the month of the holy festival of Navratri. On this auspicious occasion, the entire country immerses itself in the worship of Maa Shakti Swaroopa Jagdambe for nine days. Whoever is a part of Sanatan Hindu religion understanding the divinity and meaning of this festival very well. On this auspicious occasion of Navratri, mothers and sisters fast for nine days and ask for their wishes. While the temples across the country are crowded with devotees, the puja pandals echo with the chants of Mata Rani. But do you know that the main festival of Navratri also has a deep connection with our mother cow. Actually, in our Sanatan Dharma, cow is considered as mother cow, it is also a form of mother power. Gods and Goddesses have incarnated on this earth only to serve Mother Cow. Cow is a walking temple.

It is said that by serving and seeing the cow, one gets the blessings of all the Gods and Goddesses, because thirty-three crore Gods and Goddesses are said to reside in Mother Cow. That is why the blessings of Mother Cow are necessary to fulfill every wish. You can also fulfill your wishes this Navratri by serving mother cow, donating cows, and helping in the work of Shree Krishnayan Goshala.


Fulfill your wishes this Navratri by serving Mother cows
It is mentioned in our Vedas that the Vaastu defects are eliminated at the place where mother cow stands and breathes peacefully. The Gods and Goddesses shower flowers at the place where the mother cow starts mooing with joy. The person who serves and worships Mother Cow, all his problems are eliminated by Mother Cow. The serpent god resides in the hoof of mother cow. Snakes and scorpions do not come to the place where mother cow roams. Goddess Lakshmi resides in the dung of mother cow. Sun resides in one eye of Mother Cow and Moon God resides in the other eye. Gold element is found in mother cow's milk which reduces the potential of diseases. Hanumanji resides in the tail of mother cow. If a person is affected by the evil eye, then the evil eye is removed by dusting it with the tail of Mother Cow.

There is a raised hump on the back of mother cow, in that hump there is Surya Ketu Nadi. Rubbing your hand on the hump of mother cow for half an hour every morning cures diseases. By feeding fodder to one mother cow, thirty-three crore gods and goddesses are offered food. Panchgavya made from mother cow's milk, ghee, butter, curd, cow dung and cow urine is a medicine for thousands of diseases. Incurable diseases are cured by its consumption.
If a person whose fate line is sleeping, then he should keep jaggery in his palm and lick the tongue of Mother Cow. By licking the jaggery placed on the palm of Mother Cow, the person's sleeping fate line opens. By circling between the four feet of Mother Cow, a person becomes free from fear. The great scholar and protector of religion Gau Karna Ji Maharaj was born from the womb of mother cow.


Mother cow is like a temple
Gods and Goddesses have incarnated on this earth only to serve Mother Cow. Cow is a walking temple. There are thirty-three crore Gods and Goddesses in our Sanatan Dharma, we cannot go to the temple of thirty-three crore Gods and Goddesses every day and have darshan of them, but by having the darshan of Mother Cow, we can see all the Gods and Goddesses. Whoever the mother cow looks at with loving eyes, she gets the blessings of the cow. All diseases can be cured by consuming cow urine of a healthy mother cow after filtering it in two tola and seven-fold cloth daily. By worshiping a black cow, the nine planets remain calm. One who worships cow carefully and religiously gets relief from the evils of the enemy. If any auspicious work is stuck and is not being successful even after repeated efforts, then whisper it into the ear of Mother Cow and the stuck work will be completed. Mother cow is the giver of all happiness.


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