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Govardhan Puja: Significance of Gaumata and Cow Dung in Diwali

Uploaded on 14 Nov 2023
Govardhan Puja: Significance of Gaumata and Cow Dung in Diwali

Preparations for the festival of Diwali are going on in full swing. Govardhan Puja is performed as per the rituals on the next day of Diwali celebration. The practice of Govardhan Puja has been going on not from today but since the Dwaparayug of Shri Krishna. But do you know why Govardhan Puja is performed and what is its religious and mythological significance. Also, why it is always considered auspicious and necessary to use the dung of Desi cow i.e. our mother cow in making Govardhan. Let us tell you all the stories and beliefs related to Govardhan Puja.

How to do Govardhan Puja at home?
Govardhan Puja is a festival of belief and devotion. It is believed that the festival of Govardhan is celebrated to commemorate the removal of the ego of Indradev by Lord Krishna. Also, by mixing grains and vegetables of the new crop, Annakoot is prepared and offered to Lord Krishna. Therefore, this day is also called Annakoot festival. People worship Govardhan by making a symbolic Govardhan mountain from cow dung and placing the idol of Lord Krishna at the main door of the house. And Govardhan mountain made from cow dung is offered to Lord Krishna and various types of dishes and sweets.

Why Do We Use Cow Dung to Create Lord Krishna's Effigy?
Govardhan Puja has been in practice since Dwaparayuga. Shri Krishna loved cows and calves very much. At that time Gokul residents used to worship Indradev. Arguing, Krishna said that Indradev is not our protector, but Govardhan Mountain. Because it is here that the cows of the cowherds get fodder, from which people make milk, ghee and butter. Shri Krishna used to serve cows a lot.

Cow dung is considered very sacred. On this day, the shape of a mountain is made from cow dung. Karva sticks are placed in its four corners and many other figures are also made inside it. Which is worshiped on this day. The idol of Govardhan Mountain made from this cow dung is installed as Govardhan Baba. The festival is celebrated on the Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. It is believed that whoever worships the mountain made of cow dung with devotion on this day, all his wishes are fulfilled.

How to make Govardhan with Cow Dung
First of all take cow dung. With the help of a stick, make eyes and nose and give it the shape of a face. After the structure of Govardhan Mountain dries, you can decorate it with crown and clothes. Surround the mountain with colorful flowers. If you want, you can also use peacock feathers because we worship Lord Krishna. Govardhan can be decorated by applying white and yellow bindi or tilak on the forehead. Offer kheel and batasha on cow dung and then light a lamp in front of them in the evening.

Mythological Story of Govardhan Puja
According to the legend, one day Mother Yashoda and other Gokul residents were preparing for the worship of Lord Indra. Then Krishna ji asked Yashoda that for whose worship preparations were being made today, then Yashoda Mata told that Lord Indra causes rain, from which we get water. Due to this, food, fruits and flowers grow in the fields, hence we all worship Lord Indra. Then Krishna ji said that we all should worship Govardhan Mountain instead of Lord Indra. Our cow grazes there, we get fruits, flowers and medicines from Govardhan Mountain itself. Following the advice of Lord Krishna, everyone worshiped Mount Govardhan instead of Indradev.

Indradev got angry at this and felt that this was an insult to him. Therefore, in anger, it started raining heavily on Gokul. The entire Gokul and surrounding area was submerged due to rain. There was panic all around, then people asked Lord Krishna to protect Gokul. To protect the people of Brij from the rain, Lord Krishna lifted Govardhan Mountain in his little finger and kept Govardhan Mountain as an umbrella over Gokul for seven consecutive days. The people of Brij and the animals protected themselves by standing under Govardhan Mountain. Indradev's pride was shattered by this act of Krishna and he apologized to Lord Krishna. Due to this story, on Friday, women made figures of Sun, Moon and other Gods and Goddesses in the ground using cow dung in their respective homes. Along with offering curry and rice, worship was done as per the rituals.

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