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Gaumata is the pure remedy for all Kind of Dosha

Uploaded on 27 Sep 2022
Gaumata is the pure remedy for all Kind of Dosha

Gaumata is the key of remedies for various Doshas

The Indian faith in the cow needs no expression; Because the cow is instinctively created in the Indian public mind. Goseva has been considered as a duty. Cow is called Srishti Matrika. The episodes of the earth crying out in the form of a cow and requesting Vishnu to incarnate are very famous in the Puranas.

It has been said in Vastu book 'Mayamatam' that before starting the construction of the building, such a cow should be brought and tied on that land, which is Savatsa (having a calf). When the cow licks the newborn calf caressing it, its foam falls on the ground and makes it pure and all the faults occurring there are removed. The same belief is also in the texts like Vastu Pradeep, Aparajitprchha etc. It is said in the Mahabharata's Anusandhan Parva that wherever a cow sits and breathes fearlessly, it takes away all the sins of that place.

Various Doshas and Remedies
It is such a belief that every sorrow gets away just by serving the mother cow. 33 categories of deities reside in the cow. It is believed that by serving the cow, where all the gods and goddesses are pleased, there is a boon of happiness, prosperity and good health in the house. Not only this, all the doshas of the horoscope are removed by the service of the cow.

Whether it is a matter of happiness, prosperity or any kind of horoscope or planetary defects, Gaumata is the real solution for all kinds of defects.

It is a religious belief that anything fed to a cow directly reaches the gods and goddesses. Therefore, the first roti is taken out for the cow. Taking out the first roti for the cow removes all the problems of life and happiness and prosperity resides in the family.

If we talk about the destruction of the malefic effects of the planet Mercury, then it is advised to feed green fodder to the cow on Wednesday if the planet Mercury is weak in the horoscope or if it suffers its ill effects due to any other reason. It is considered very auspicious. By doing this all the problems go away.

On the other hand, it is advisable to serve a black colored cow for Shani related problems. At the same time, if possible, donating a black colored cow to a Brahmin removes all the problems. Whereas if there is Mangal dosha in the horoscope, the person has to face many problems. In such a situation, serve a red colored cow. Worship the cow on Tuesday and feed it with jaggery.

If the planet Jupiter is not in your favor, then marriage gets delayed. Education is interrupted. Along with this, many problems surround you. In such a situation, on Thursday, tilak the cow with turmeric and feed it by adding jaggery, gram dal and a pinch of turmeric in the dough.

If there is Pitra Dosh in the horoscope of a person, then feed the cow with roti, jaggery, green fodder on the new moon day. At the same time, if you can serve the cow daily, then it is better. Due to this, along with pacifying the Pitra Dosha, other planets are also pacified.

If you are also suffering from any kind of defect, then this Navratri serve the cow and fill your life with happiness and prosperity.


Cow Breeds in India
Desi cow's milk is more nutritious than other cows. According to a research, a cow of indigenous breed gives 2 to 5 liters of milk per day. While Jersey breed gives milk from 8 to 12 liters, Phrygian cow from 10 to 15 liters and crossbreed from 5 to 8 liters. Even though foreign cow gives more milk than native cow, but this milk is not at all good for your health. In a research by scientists, it has been found that some such elements are found in the milk of foreign cow, due to which there is a risk of disease like cancer.

Desi cow's milk is like nectar

A 2 milk of native cow is like nectar. It increases the immunity of our body. Also reduces the risk of heart disease. Apart from this, A2 milk of native cow protects from fatal diseases like cancer. Desi cow's milk is also considered beneficial for the digestive system. Because of these special qualities, old people advise to feed only desi cow's milk to small children.

Desi cow dung is also beneficial
According to the farmers, not only the milk of the desi cow, its dung is also beneficial, which cures diseases. On the other hand, diseases arise from the dung of foreign cows.

Importance of Desi Cow
Cow donation has great importance in Hindu religion. In ancient times, whenever big kings used to organize Yagya, they used to donate cow to Brahmins as dakshina. Godan is considered the best of all donations. Donating a cow gives freedom from sin.

Even today, after the death of someone, in order to bring salvation to that person's soul, his family members definitely do Godan after the Havan Pujan. It has been said that if a dying person had donated a cow during his lifetime or after his death his family members had donated it for his salvation, then it would be easier for that person to cross the river Ganga in Yamlok. It happens. That's why Hindu religion must do cow donation once in its lifetime or else the family members of that person must get cow donation done for their salvation after his death.

Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaurakshashala
Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Evam Gaulok Dham Sewa Samiti’ is one of the largest Gaurakshashala of Desi cows in India. We protect, feed & shelter ailing, starving, destitute and stray Desi Cows & Bulls, the majority of which are abandoned by their owners or saved from butchers.
All of you are requested to join the noble cause of Gausewa by giving financial support as much as possible and help the cow mother to get her lost honor and rights.

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