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Divine Desi Cow and The Holy Sacred Bhasm (Vibhuti)

Uploaded on 23 Sep 2023
Divine Desi Cow and The Holy Sacred Bhasm (Vibhuti)

In Hindu religion, cow is considered the standard of God and Goddess. It is also said in religious scriptures that different gods and goddesses reside in different parts of the cow. Every substance obtained from mother cow is considered divine, which is also called Panchgavya. Cow dung also has incomparable importance in this Panchagavya.

It is believed that cow dung is very auspicious and is a symbol of positive energy. On the importance of cow dung, astrologers and pundits also say that Dhan Lakshmi resides in cow dung. If you use cow dung in any work, you get auspicious results.

However, Vibhuti/Bashma made from cow dung is also known for its divine and natural properties. The purity of Vibhuti is as important as faith in prayer. In ancient times, it was a tradition for every person to apply Vibhuti/Bhasma on their forehead after taking bath and before sitting for prayer. Vibhuti was used in different ways in the morning and evening. There are two ways of purification: One is to take bath and another is to apply vibhuthi over the body. We perform abhishekam to the Lord with vibhuthi. It is basically abhishekam with cow dung.

Significance of Holy Sacred Ash/Vibhuti

The ashes of any burnt cow dung or object cannot be considered as sacred ashes. Vibhuti is a sacred element which has a deep connection with mother cow. It is also known as Bhasma, Tiruneeru, sacred ash. According to ancient tradition, Vibhuti is made from strips of dried cow dung. Many of its rituals and divine significance during the Maha Shivratri festival have been mentioned in the Vedic rituals.

Benefits of Bhasma/Vibhuti

Bhasma made from cow dung is considered very effective in healing wounds. Bhasma made from desi cow dung, which we also call Vibhuti, is completely 100% pure and natural. This ash is considered divine in many respects. It gives a divine feeling to the person who is devoted to the mother cow. It gives glory to one who applies it, protects them from ill health and negative forces, it has the ability to attract the higher forces of nature. Along with this, it is used in many types of religious rituals. Not only this, Cow Vibhuti is also considered to be a very important element from the spiritual aspect.


How to make sacred Ash/Vibhuti?


It is believed that the sins are destroyed if holy ash/ vibhuti is applied on the forehead as well as in the several other parts of the body. There are many ways to prepare holy ash. The sacred desi cow urine is mixed with 'Panchagavya', which are five vital elements derived from cow. It is then formed into small pellets which are slowly burnt over a low flame. This will give you sacred ash or Vibhuti. Apart from this, to make it, Indian desi cow dung is collected and dried and by following its ancient, traditional and sacred method, it is prepared in the form of Vibhuti.

Indian cow's Ash/Vibhuti are the best

Bhasma made from cow dung of Indian breed is considered to be the best vibhuti. In such a situation, the use of ash made from Jersey or mixed breed foreign breed cows should be avoided. Not only this, by using Vibhuti traditionally prepared from desi cow dung, we are contributing to the safety of our cow and the economy of rural India. In houses where Agnihotram is performed, the ashes obtained from there can be considered as sacred ashes. Why do Hindu saints apply Vibhuti on Body?


Benefits of performing Havan with cow dung cakes
There is shortage of money at home or the family is facing financial crisis. You will start seeing the solution to the problem just by burning cow dung cakes. Goddess Lakshmi is pleased by performing Havan with cow dung cakes. Not only this, by doing this you also get the blessings of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. By performing Havan with cow dung cakes, positive energy enters the house and negativity is destroyed.

Overall, Vibhuti made from cow dung of indigenous breed is considered to be the most sacred and its description is found in every religious ritual starting from Shiva Puja. According to the Vedas, there is nothing more sacred than Vibhuti. It not only removes all sins and grants salvation but also brings divine blessings.

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