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Experience the Joy of Giving and Feel virtuous by contributing to Annadan or Bhandara

Experience the Joy of Giving and Feel virtuous by contributing to Annadan or Bhandara

Uploaded on 11 May 2023
Experience the Joy of Giving and Feel virtuous  by contributing to Annadan or Bhandara

In Hindu religion, charity is considered a virtuous act. From ancient times, kings and emperors used to distribute food, clothes, food etc. among their subjects after performing Havan, worship, rituals etc. Even today, after religious works, food donation from the temples has taken the form of Bhandara.

The tradition of Bhandara in India has been going on since ancient times in India. In ancient times it is known as Annadan. Annadan has been mentioned at many places in the scriptures and Puranas. The kings and emperors used to perform Yagya, Havan and religious rituals. In these, he used to distribute food and clothes to the poor and needy. Today the same tradition has developed into a Bhandara.

How Bhandara Feeds the Needy and Nurtures the Soul

It has been told in the scriptures that the biggest donation in the world is food donation. This world is made of food and it is being followed by food. Food satisfies both body and soul. That's why food donation is better than all kinds of charity. Providing food gives satisfaction to the body and soul. According to mythological scriptures, whatever we donate, we get the same things in the hereafter, so we should donate more and more.

Although now people rarely organize Bhandara after worship in homes, but this tradition continues even today in temples and cow sheds etc.

Annadaan : Why it is so important

In Vedic religion, giving charity to Brahmins and the poor has been considered as a law. There are many forms of donation such as food donation, clothing donation, Vidyadan, Abhaydan and Dhandan. By donating anything in this, you get virtue and you will get the same thing in the hereafter which you have donated. Food donation is considered to be the biggest donation in charity. That's why people get maximum Bhandara done so that maximum food grains can be donated. There are many such religious places in India where Bhandara goes on for 24 hours.

The specialty of Bhandara is that here people take food together irrespective of caste, rich and poor. There is no discrimination in Bhandara.


The Spiritual value of Annadaan or Bhandara

It is an act of virtue to feed the hungry and saints. It also has a distinct spiritual significance which is described in our scriptures. It is mentioned in the Vedas that by feeding people one gets spiritual satisfaction and peace of mind. Also it is believed that by serving food to the needy one can get blessings from God. The meaning of Bhandara is not only arrangement of food but also a medium to connect with the divine and seek blessings from him.

A great chance for you to seek blessings from God on your special day

ShreeKrishnayan Desi Gaurakshashala is organizing regular Bhandara to feed Brahmins, Saints, ascetics and beggars. Which has been given the name of Annadan.

We believe that feeding the needy is our duty towards the society. We seek God's blessings to give us the ability to arrange hundreds of such Bhandaras. This food donation is not limited to any particular community or religion. Bhandara organized by Gaurakshala is not limited to Haridwar but we organize Bhandara in various Gaushalas across India. You can also organize Bhandara on auspicious days of your life like birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion through Shri Krishnayan Desi Gaurakshala. For this you can donate as much as you can to the Bhandara and the Gaurakshala will organize it on its behalf. This is a great chance for you to seek blessings from God on your special day.

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