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Embrance Wellness with Gaumutra’s Essence

Uploaded on 22 May 2023

Gaumutra: The Nectar for Health and Treatment

Cow i.e. mother cow is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Cow is also worshiped in Hinduism on many occasions. Cow's milk, dung and urine are also considered very sacred. Since ancient times, our ancestors have been using cow dung and urine for various purposes. It is believed that many diseases can be avoided by drinking cow urine regularly.

Cow urine aka Guamutra has been considered beneficial in Ayurveda. In earlier times, the elders of the house used to consume cow urine to stay away from diseases. Even today people suffering from various health conditions are advised to drink cow urine.

According to the 1000-year-old system of alternative medicine, cow urine is a natural source of many minerals. Its daily intake helps the body to overcome the deficiency of various nutrients. According to ancient Indian system of medicine, cow urine is beneficial for everyone. It not only cures the symptoms of the disease, but drinking it regularly also cures the diseases.


Ayurveda also considers Gaumutra beneficial
The special religious importance of cow urine has been described since ages. It also has its own Ayurvedic importance. Eight types of urine are mentioned in Charaka, Sushruta and Vanbhatta Samhita. In which there is also a cow urine. Its properties are described in Ayurvedic scriptures. Cow urine has been described as the elixir of life. That is why it has been included in Panchagavya.

It is believed that the cow eats many medicinal leaves, the effects of which can be seen in its urine. Cow urine has been used for medicinal purposes in India for a very long time. The urine of a pregnant cow is also considered healthy. Because it has been claimed to have special hormones and minerals. Ayurveda recommends drinking cow urine every morning on an empty stomach to cure a variety of health ailments including diabetes, tumors, stomach problems and even cancer.

According to Ayurveda, cow urine is anti-toxin, bactericidal and easily digestible. It contains nitrogen, copper, phosphate, uric acid, potassium, uric acid, chloride and sodium. Cow urine is used for the treatment of pain reliever, stomach diseases, skin problems, respiratory diseases (asthma), intestinal diseases, jaundice, eye related diseases, diarrhoea, etc. According to Ayurveda, diseases spread due to vitiation of all the three doshas in the body, but drinking cow urine cures diseases.

Actually, due to mental tension, there is a bad effect on the nervous system, but drinking cow urine gives strength to both the brain and the heart. Drinking cow urine is very beneficial to remove various toxic substances found in the body. Consumption of cow urine is also beneficial for removing physical weakness and obesity. If a cow has given birth to a calf, then the milk or urine of such a cow is very beneficial. It contains many nutrients. Scientific language contains many healthy hormones and minerals.

Cow urine is an excellent detox drink. Ayurveda believes that cow urine can cleanse the human body from within by flushing out all the toxins, thereby reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Also, cow urine is also a good antiseptic. It proves beneficial in healing the wound very quickly.


Cow urine and Panchagavya
Panchagavya is made from cow's milk, curd, ghee, urine, cow dung. Diseases are cured by increasing the immunity of the body with Panchgavya. Panchagavya has its own special importance in the religious rituals of Hinduism. It includes five things obtained from cow. For example, milk, curd, ghee-butter, cow urine and cow dung. It is used with faith in any worship or other religious events. The use of Pantagavya along with chanting is part of the tradition of Hinduism. All the five things mentioned in Panchagavya have different importance. Panchamrit is made from milk, Shiv Linga is anointed, used in God's bhog and prasad. At the same time, Shivling is also anointed with curd.

Similarly, the courtyard, the door and especially the place of worship is smeared with cow dung. It is believed that cow dung removes bacteria and makes the environment pure and healthy. Wherein cow urine is used like Ganges water. It is sprinkled to purify the place.

According to Ayurveda, the "cow urine" of the desi cow is a sanjeevani. Cow urine is like an elixir that provides long life, rejuvenates, keeps diseases away, strengthens immunity and muscles of the body. According to Ayurveda, it also balances all the three doshas in the body and Also acts as an insecticide.

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