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Uploaded on 23 Dec 2022

What is a successful life? Successful life belongs to the one who attains human life and does good for himself. From the physical point of view, we consider the attainment of worldly happiness and prosperity in life as our welfare, but the real welfare is to be free from the bondage of birth and death for ever and ever, that is, to attain God.

Our scriptures and our forefathers, sages and great sages, have told its solution in all the ages. The four yugas have the specialty of four different things – penance in Satya Yuga, knowledge in Treta Yuga, yagya in Dwapar Yuga and charity is the only means of welfare of man in Kali Yuga. Donation should be done with devotion; it should be given humbly. Without charity, human progress gets blocked. Being a Karmayogi, human beings are always engaged in doing work out of greed and earning money, it is necessary to donate for welfare.

Vibrance and the ability to donate means mental generosity - both of these are the fruits of great penance. It is normal to have potential, but giving that potential to others depends on the generosity of the mind. This is the power of charity, which is obtained from the virtue of many births.

In every religion, the importance of charity has been told in its own way. The tradition of charity in Sanatan Dharma is centuries old. According to one's ability, forgetting to give anything like grains, clothes, food items, money and many other things silently to the needy is called charity. Donation has great importance in Hinduism on special occasions like Amavasya, Shraddha, Makar Sankranti etc. Donation for mother cow is considered best in Sanatan Dharma. Gaudan has been said to be beneficial for many births and many generations. It is said that if a person wants happiness, wealth and wealth, then he should donate a cow.

Mother cow is the only creature that makes a man cross the Vaitarani river even after his death. Godan is done after death, it would be very good that we all serve mother cow during our life. Purity of the body is necessary for spiritual planning, for the purity of the body it is also necessary to drink Panchagavya. We get this Panchagavya only from mother cow, that's why its protection and promotion is very necessary.

Regarding cow donation, it is said that the person who donates cow, gets welfare in this world as well as in the hereafter. The person who donates and his ancestors get freedom from the cycle of birth and death. We all are aware about the importance of cow in vedas and Importance of cow in Hindu mythology. we acknowledge the interesting facts about cows in India and scientific importance of cow. we also have to understand Why indian people do gau daan, what is the Gau daan procedure, Gomata puja benefits, Kamadhenu Pooja benefits. When we understand all this, then we will be able to make the whole world aware about cow service.

Lakhs of donors are preserving their happy future by donating in our Gaushala. Some are showing respect to mother cow by donating cows, some by providing financial help for fodder, shed etc. and some by helping in the construction of cow shelter building.

As on date 18000+ stray/ destitute Desi Indian Cows / bulls and her progenies are being sheltered in our Gaurakshashalas which are being brought by the Police, Government, NGOs, Farmers or various other machineries. Most of these are accidental or saved/rescued from various locations. We give these gauvansh a happy second life. We shelter, feed and take care of them completely. We have in house medical facility for them.

You can ensure the welfare of yourself and your family by participating in the service of mother cow by donating for the kind of Havan-poojan program, Shradh Karma, Shelter, Nourishment Fodder, Medical Facility, Bhandara, Hospital, Yoga Center in our Shri Krishna Gaurakshala.

It is because of the financial support of donors like you that our welfare activities continue. Help us to take this noble cause forward and also give your support through online payment mode in our resolution to take care of Gaumata. Through this medium, your money will not go into wrong hands and will be directly used in the service of mother cow in the Gaushala. The entirety of your donation is a tax-deductible according to the full extent of the law and you will be issued a receipt for that amount.


If You Want to Donate in GauSeva, Click the link below:

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