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Perform Online Gaudan for getting Divine blessings from 330 million Hindu Deities

Uploaded on 21 Nov 2022
Perform Online Gaudan for getting Divine blessings from 330 million Hindu Deities

There is no virtue greater than charity in this world because nothing goes with the soul after death, only the virtue of charity done by hand goes with it. The person who has neither donated nor helped any helpless person, nor has he ever given food to a Brahmin, has never given water to a thirsty person, nor has he ever donated clothes to anyone, that creature wanders from birth to birth.

In Hindu religion, charity has been called a virtuous deed, it is believed that every follower of Hindu religion should continue to donate according to his/her desire and ability. It is also a benevolence and by doing this your planets and defects are also pacified. There are many types of donations, which are done to fulfill different purposes. Gaudan has been described as the best in the Puranas. This donation is the best of all donations. By donating this, there is welfare of seven generations.

According to the scriptures, those who want to attain the best death, who want to reach their God through decorated aircraft, must do Gaudan. Not only this, by doing Gaudan, Pitra Moksha also happens. But the thing to keep in mind is that it is very important to follow the correct method of Gaudan. Gaudan method should be performed by a trained priest or Brahmin only. Along with this, it is also necessary to take care of these things that what should be the place of Gaudan, how the cow should be and according to which method Gaudan is to be done. It is necessary for the Brahmin or the priest from whom you are getting Gaudan done, to be expert in the knowledge of Yagya and other vedic rituals.

Not only this, all the parts of the cow are considered to be the abode of the deities, therefore the cow is also decorated before Gaudan.

Cow should be worshiped with cow's clothes, makeup items, jewelry and other materials. The person who is doing Gaudan should invoke all the gods and after that the cow should be worshiped with sixteen remedies. Aagaav Mantra should be chanted by wearing a garland around the neck. Worship the cow with full devotion by dressing the cow.

Keep in mind, one who donates a cow by the method mentioned in the scriptures, gets the desired fruit. That's why Shree Krishnayan Desi Gaurakshashala conducts online Gaudan Sanskar and for this, Gaudan Puja Vidhi is performed in Gaushala through Vedic method and Shastra knowledgeable and trained Brahmins. Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha is located on the bank of Maa Ganga in Haridwar and is home to more than 18000 desi cows. This gaushala is managed by saints. We don’t sell milk or milk products but distribute it free to saints/ tapasvis / gausewaks / ashrams. Here in gaushala a vedic Brahmin will perform Gaudan on your behalf LIVE on Google meet / Zoom / Whatsapp as per your chosen date & time. You can choose the day or time for donating as per your choice. Then whether it is the death anniversary of a family member or Shraddha. Apart from this, happy occasions like marriage anniversary, children's birthday can also be selected.

This Gaudan will be performed elaborately as per the Vedic scriptures by a priest. An instruction sheet will also be sent on your mail with all details. The cow donated on your behalf will be milked and fed to saints and tapasvis all throughout its life. On bank of maa Ganga, this Gaudan will make you pure and free from all sins. Your forefathers will be pleased and happy. It will fulfill your Sankalp and will help you in attaining the highest state of eternal bliss.

We have a huge yagya mandap on the bank of Ma Ganga. Vedic Brahmins perform all kinds of Yagyas, Pujas and Japas for the welfare of the people. Gaudan meansdonation of desi cow to a Saints & Ashram. This donated cow's milk will be fed lifelong to Saint and tapaswis. When that cow grows old and stop giving milk that it will rest in peace in Krishnayan Gaushala for the rest of its life.

So, come forward and perform Gaudan and earn blessings of 33 crore deities.

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